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Any interest in a dirtbag leftist podcast that actually understands and can explain ECDSA ecryption in simple terms why it works? Who knows the developers of Tor? Thinks we should use the irreversible nature of Bitcoin and the fact that so many libertarians have it to steal money from libertarians?

No patreon, no special episodes, so no standard length and no set schedule. We are hackers, we can get money just taking it from libertarians or submitting exploits to companies, governments etc.
. We recorded our first hacker dirtbag left podcast episode, its being edited, It will be the second episode, the first will be listening series to correct the recent true anon episode. Explaining things in simple terms, demostrating hacks on DNC, RNC and other funny things. Overtly communist (like many hackers outside of the hell that is San Francisco and the USA).

And not just telling you what is right/wrong, convicing you in simple to understand terms, with two hackers that have ruined liberarians, scientists, in biology and genetics, contributing to open source projects. Trying to destroy the culture in San Francisco and the USA, by broadcasting from Montevideo Uruguay (for now). Lived in Germany, Turkey (pour vial of acid out for my dead kurdish homies killing cops in fatih), Romania, Korea, Vietnam, soon Mexico City and Cuba for a while.
We dont need your money. But if you could share it if you like it when we post it, that would be better than money, just so a hackescience perspective can be heard on the dirtbag left. We are cool with Luddites, we understand technology, we understand why someone would want to be a Luddite, but the Luddites on the left will still need hacker allies.
So the last episode of true anon, and really the history of the internet episode, really need to be addressed intelligently. So we will be doing that tomorow and editing it the next day for our first episode release. Maybe a few other Chapo universe podcast clips that just get things wrong.
Then we move on to telling the story of how the internet got so fucked, how became centralized, why the left has to self censor or get vists from ICE, FBI and Homeland Security. Stratfor, LOIC, why Tor is good (we will convince you not just tell you), how eccliplic cryptography works, and yes libertarians love bitcoin, so we should be stealing them from them, its not reversible, we can take their money/power and use it to fund leftists causes, from elections, to legal help. History of CCC and leftist hacker movements, Jeremy Hammon saga, what he found on Strafor's servers, and what that tells us about certain parts of the internet.
A lot of original reporting, with documents, explanations and good show notes, to convince you, not tell you what to think.
After we do a few episodes on how the internet got to where it is now, what the problems we face. We can talk how to fix voting, the internet, better solutions than just "nationalize facebook" that can actually be put into a bill and passed, how to stay alive and out of jail.
We even have some interviews lined up with hackers in other regions of the world, and criminal defense lawyers in the US. Tips and tricks, if you want to do praxis that actually scares the fascists, and how to do it safe. And most importantly, how to piss off libertarians and make money doing it.

Oh and we will start a forum somewhere off reddit that requires joining a web of trust to post, or maybe 2 dollars. That way when we find right wing idiots, we can punish them and make them give us money everytime they reveal themselves as rightwingers. Not perfect but it will at least cost them resources to invade our forums.
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Testing Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore - YouTube

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