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Backup Your Wallet Day!

I hate to read these comments all over the internet that someone (even experienced users) just erased their phone, or lost their wallet in some other way. This happens again and again. It makes me really frustrated to see the idea of Bitcoin going backwards. It seems, ironically, that storing money in the bank is much safer than being your own bank.
So today I declare Backup Your Wallet Day To remember all of us to do chores and maintenance of our wallets and for the love of god backup them! It's never been easier with HD wallets.
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I have an old wallet from 2013 on with a little BTC in it. I login and am told to input 2nd password to 'upgrade' account...I cannot get past this. I put in my 2nd password, which I am told is incorrect....its not. I cannot proceed further. I try to recover wallet using 12 word seed....the 'continue' button stays inactive, so I cannot proceed. I am unable to go to the next screen to recover with my seed. How can I use the 12 word seed to recover the wallet, WITHOUT using
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Hello, I am literally crying right now like a little baby. PLEASE HELP ME. I had about 43BTC ( A LOT LOT LOT LOT OF MONEY FOR ME ) and i suddenly open my MULTIBIT and ALL GONE NO WALLET NO BTC
Please tell me what to do!!??
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I think I just lost 90BTC! Are they stolen?? Help!!!

Here's my wallet:
It's a brain wallet with a pretty darn good passphrase
Why is my transfer grouped with another transfer of 87.999BTC?? I used a Xubuntu Live CD and generated the privkey from my passphrase using a downloaded html from I used MultiBit and exported my wallet to a file, then modified the file to contain my priv key, then I transferred 12BTC to my blockchain wallet. Then I deleted the wallet, closed MultiBit and shut down the PC. Are my bitcoins lost forever???
edit: still struggling. I've done a "cat /dev/sdb > usbstick.bin" and copied the casper-rw file directly. mounting the casper-rw file works and I browsed to ~/MultiBit. There's one wallet there that looks interesting, but I cannot read or copy it in any way...
$ ls ls: cannot access multibit-20130321171949.wallet: Input/output error log multibit.blockchain multibit-20130321171949.wallet multibit-20130331160220.wallet multibit.wallet
searching for org.bitcoin.production through the casper-rw gives me 3 hits.
I also extracted this from the casper-rw:,1 walletVersion,2 receive,1BndiDjH6eLsGajv5mzenNTx1z33hf9udT, property,walletDescription,Your%20wallet%20description property,walletFileLastModified,1363908467000 property,walletInfoFileLastModified,1363908467000 property,sendPerformPasteNow,false property,receiveLabel, property,walletBackupFile,%2Fhome%2Fxubuntu%2FMultiBit%2Fmultibit-20130321232754.wallet property,walletInfoFileSize,492 property,receiveAddress,1BndiDjH6eLsGajv5mzenNTx1z33hf9udT property,walletFileSize,104
edit2: when trying to read the wallet file from casper-rw, dmesg says: [ 7994.345782] EXT2-fs (loop1): error: ext2_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 64322
edit3: MultiBit is using bitcoinj, which stores the wallets in a protobuf format. I downloaded protobuf and the bitcoinj source, extracted the wallet.proto stucture and wrote a small C++ program that searches in the USB stick bin file for the string "\x0A\x16org.bitcoin.production", and tries to parse it as a protobuf wallet of size 8-50000 bytes. I found a couple of wallets, but only empty ones and my brainwallet. The structure with a header and reversed bytes that 4461462665 is refering to seems to conform with what I've read about how protobuf serializes data. I really think the wallet is lost. I'm going to quickly set up a sandbox that selected hackers can have a stab at. If anyone manages to recover the bitcoins, they are free to keep 30%.
edit4: TLDR; The story: I used a fresh MultiBit client, imported my brainwallet private key, made a 12btc transaction and then deleted the wallet. Turns out MultiBit picked up a 100BTC "input" and transferred the "change" (88btc) to the first key in my wallet (one generated by MultiBit before importing my own key). I have searched (hard!) for the key. I'm giving up, and will let the hackers of the internets take a stab.
edit5: I really think the bitcoins are lost. Looking at .wallet files from MultiBit, they all seem to store the private key in plain hex, prefixed with the string 1A 6E 08 01 12 20. I have searched for this string but all I could find was the wrong private key.
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KeepKey Pin Not Working

My KeepKey pin recently stopped working. This seems to be an issue when I google it. I heard I can recover my wallet with Breadwallet or Mycelium.
I tried using my KeepKey recovery phrase with Breadwallet and Mycelium. The recovery phrase is verified, but both wallets show 0 bitcoin balance. I tried rescanning the network a few times too.
I also contacted KeepKey but they are really slow in responding. Anyone have the same issue or have any suggestions to recover my wallet?
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I just want an hd wallet where I can export the private keys, getting frustrated and trying to get an answer, any help appreciated.

I asked this and nobody can really answer it yet. I have multibit HD and I have the wallet words but I don't have the private keys and I know I can restore from my wallet words. But if multibit hd goes under or has issues, I can't restore my wallet with my mutlibit hd wallet words (seed) in another client?
I'm told over and over you don't own your bitcoin unless you have your private keys but these HD wallets don't let you export your private keys! I understand there are multiple wallets so that's why but you should still be able to easily do it.
I'm thinking of just getting core to export private keys but I don't want to pay the fees to transfer it. I heard that you can use an HD's wallet words and put them in other HD wallets, is that true? If so what's an HD wallet where I can also export the private keys?
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BlockChain down :(

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How to recover an old wallet?

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My Bitcoin history

I first started hearing about Bitcoin in 2011 and remember reading up on it in 2012. Last year I recalled downloading a Bitcoin wallet years ago but couldn't remember if I'd bought any. I checked my laptop and desktop backups and eventually found a multibit wallet. Downloaded multibit, checked the wallet and it was empty.
I decided to dabble by buying through Revolut last year when Bitcoin was around $5,500 (I know, I know, not my keys, not my Bitcoin). I watched it plummet in value and wondered if I had made a mistake but held firm. It was a good lesson in holding my nerve. I'm about flat now and have started rotating out of Revolut and buying through an exchange and saving to a couple of wallets.
I firmly believe in the future of Bitcoin. I think the next bull market will bring a lot more average people to the table. I'm looking forward to paying for my first purchase but mostly I'll be hodling 😉
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I opened Multibit and all my wallets were gone. I have them in a folder on my desktop though so I began loading them all back in. I'm on Mac, using the second newest version of Multibit.
The software errors out and says: Protocol Message Had Invalid Wire Type
and thats it. I can't load them or reset them or anything. I have hundred of bitcoins in the balance here and I'm at a complete loss at how to fix this. My life will essentially crumble if I cannot recover the coins.
I found a link to what appears to be a similar problem but the response was that the keys were damaged due to a computer shut down and thats it:
My Macbook crashed a day ago but I don't think I had multibit open. If I'm not using it I shut it down. Even still how should a computer shut down damage wallet files?
I posted on Github because I didn't know what else to do
I've reached out to reddit before, to the knowledgeable people here and they have always helped and come through. If you have any constructive advice please take the time to respond. Thank you so much for your help in advance :(
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Blockchain reps, if your site goes down how do people recover their backups? Multibit no longer supports them.

We need detailed instructions from you guys whether it be through the command line or you guys releasing a tool on github.
What is the solution?
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I bought my first BTC! What are the steps for getting it onto a USB drive securely?

I got some BTC from then transferred it from their online wallet to the private one on my computer. Everything flowed as expected. At this point, I'm a little confused, because I'm wanting to move a large portion of the BTC from my POS wallet, and onto a USB thumb drive. What's the best course of action so that I don't leave my wallet vulnerable at some point along the way?
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Are private keys enough to send bitcoins?

I just backed up my wallet from MultiBit by printing out my private keys after exporting them. Don't I also have to print out the public keys to be safe from the event that my computer explodes and I lose access to Multibit? Or are just the private keys enough?
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Gang, I'm at the end of my rope. I need to send my bitcoin on multibit to my brother across the pond, but my wallet never synchronizes and the send button is unclickable. What do I do?

thank you
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Wallet Questions

I've been following the BTC market for quite some time now and decided to make a considerable investment in July of 2015. With that said, I would like to store my coins in a personal wallet rather than having them stored through various third party brokers. For personal security, what are some recommendations for a personal wallet, I use mainly Windows, but also have iOS machines.
TL;dr - What wallet would you recommend and why.
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I am having trouble understanding Bitcoin on the Small Scale

Like the title says, I'm having some trouble understanding bitcoin on the individual level. I have just a few questions:
Thanks in advance for the help, I really want to get into BTC, but I'm quite lost.
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Multibit password wallet not working - 100% sure it is the correct one - does someone knows what to do, please?

Hello everybody,
I am having trouble accessing my multibit wallet. My password is not working, even though I'm a 100% positive it is the good one, as I wrote it when I created it and used it afterwards, without rewriting it at any point. Any help would be much appreciated, I'd love to get those coins back! Thank you very much!
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1 wallet = 1 Private Key ?

Still trying to get my head around this private key thing...
So, If I have 1 wallet in my Multibit client, I have 1 Private Key, right ?
If I add another wallet (in the same client), I will get another private key, correct?
Each wallet can have multiple addresses - I'm still not clear as to why one would want that though....
So I could 1. Add 2nd wallet to my client 2. Send BTC from wallet1 to wallet2 3. Store wallet 2 offline, and delete it from my client.
Is that a correct way to safely store BTC?
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Can someone steal your bitcoins if they got a hold of your MultiBit HD wallet file and cracked the password? Jim (the developer) sidesteps the question.

He refuses to answer the question for whatever reason.
If the wallet file is only encrypted with your password, would it not be easy to steal the bitcoins by guessing the password and running it through a cracker? Does the password have to be as complicated as the wallet words? How much entropy is suggested? What if you need to restore a wallet with only the password? Can't you just copy the wallet file into the proper place and use the password?
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Wallets. How do you use them?

I'm new to this. I have opened a Coinbase account and bought a small amount. How do I back this up with a wallet like Multibit, or Electrum? I'm really clueless here as some of your lingo escapes me.
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Haven't opened multibit wallet in months, now it is empty! What do I do?

** Edit: **
Thank you for the help everyone! I took a deep breath, and decided to double check that I wasn't an idiot and that I didn't have any aditional wallets on my hard drive. Lo and behold I found another wallet in my dropbox with all my bitcoins in it! I will be moving to electrum immediately. Thanks for all the help.
I've been keeping my bitcoins in multibit for years and check on them every couple of months. Today when I opened multibit I see that my balance is 0! When I go to multibits website it appears that the developers have shut it down and recommend moving to electrum.
I'm staying calm, but I'm very concerned all my bitcoins are gone. I don't need a lecture on why I should have moved to a new wallet months ago. I don't really follow bitcoin news much and didn't know multibit was shutting down. What I do need is some advice on how to recover my bitcoins.
When I email multibit, they respond with an email forwarding me to the support page and the export to electrum youtube videos
Here is what I have done so far:
  1. I have opened a multibit.wallet from my time machine from 6 months ago (the last time I was positive the balance was there). I let that wallet 'sync' with the network. It shows 0 bitcoins and no transaction history (which is weird because I should have a transaction history).
  2. I have gone to my cloud provider where I kept a backup of my private keys. I've tried to 'restore' that key to electrum but the length appears to be incorrect because the 'next' button is greyed out. screenshot2
  3. I've tried re-exporting my private key from multibit classic and importing to electrum, but again the key length is incorrect
  4. I've tried to create a 'watching only' wallet in electrum to 'watch' my old wallet. It also shows there is 0 history to my wallet.
  5. I've tried installing the mbexport node cli tool to export my private keys. Unfortunately it has a bug
What else can I do reddit? Please help.
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Please help me, I have lost access to my wallet

Okay So I have Multibit 0.4.23 installed, and have about 30 odd bitcoins which represent my life savings. I opened up my MultiBit today (after not having accessed it for about a week), and it download hundreds of blocks to be up to date. My wallets are not appearing in the left hand panel, and I am FREAKING OUT.
I made a backup of the .key and I also have time machine which last updated a few weeks ago. What can I do?
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Multibit Review - which Bitcoin wallet? backup da carteira multibit AML BitCoin Wallet 2020: How to Backup your Wallet in 3 ... Carteira multibit classic com backup backup da carteira multibit

You can backup your wallet either by : Closing MultiBit and then copying the wallet and info files. Or. Exporting your private keys to a private key export file. This only contains private keys (no labels, no transactions). You can import it into a new wallet and it regenerates the wallet (but currently you lose your address labels). So long as you know your wallet words (or your KeepKey and PIN if you are using one) you can use a wallet backup to recover: your bitcoin; your contacts and notes; your payment history and notes. Hardware and software can fail, be lost or stolen. MultiBit HD ensures that an automatic encrypted backup is made of your wallet to a location that you specify. Use a cloud backup service. Setting up ... MultiBit is a popular Bitcoin wallet program that aims to combine fast startup times, a simplified feature set, and support for multiple languages.. Note: MultiBit is no longer supported.This post was written in 2014 and only slightly modified since then. It remains for those who may need to use MultiBit Classic, but should not be used by beginners. Whether it’s, Bitcoin QT, MultiBit or any other wallet. Step 2 – Look for “Backup wallet” or “Export private keys” Search inside the wallet’s menu until you find one of these options. Here is And this is Bitcoin-QT: And this is MultiBit: Step 3 – Save your backup to a flash drive MultiBit makes setting up your bitcoin wallet fast and easy. After installation, a wizard guides you through the process of creating your wallet and its backup. In no time at all you will be ready ...

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Multibit Review - which Bitcoin wallet?

Como fazer o backup da carteira de bitcoin, Multibit. In this review from we look at Multibit Bitcoin wallet. We go through downloading, installing and using Multibit. Tip: 1GAret... In this video, I will share with you how to set up a bitcoin wallet using MultiBit as an example. Bitcoin Wallet: B... #AMLBitcoin #Mining #Tutorial Hello and welcome to the third tutorial of the AML Bitcoin Wallet in 2020. Today we want to showcase you how to backup your wal... O Bitcoin é uma moeda virtual que foi lançada em 2009. Em apenas 6 anos, o valor do Bitcoin foi estimado em 417 dólares com um volume total de 8 bilhões de dólares em circulação. Hoje em ...