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My headache with ASUS PRIME Z270-P

So i was looking to upgrade my mining rig from 4x1060's to 6 or more 1060's. I browsed this reddit, read the wiki, talked to some people, and they said that the Prime Z270-P is the way to go. So i bought a openbox one on Newegg (paid with Bitcoin, of course).
I also ordered "The Unique Rig" which is a great, cheap case for mining rigs that i found on ebay. I was gone for a few days, and when i came back, both the case and the motherboard had arrived. I built the case, switched everything over to the new motherboard and turned it on. Since i use Nvidia cards, i usually use cyclenerds OS, but i heard good things about ethOS, so i bought it. ethOS worked straight out of the box, but i was only getting 19MH/s with the cards. I tried every overclock setting i could think of, and most of the time it actually brought my hashing speed down, not up, and never did it get above 20MH/s with my cards. With cyclenerds i easily get 21MH/s, and if i want to push my cards i can get 23, maybe 24.
I formatted my flash drive and installed cyclenerds OS. I started the computer and i get a PCIe Bus error. I tried installing Ubuntu Server edition and same result. Its due to the BIOS having SecureBoot on, and with that motherboard there is no way to turn it off (that i could find). It fixable, but i have to type a option to ubuntu's grub everytime the computer restarts. That was just not feasible for me. Since i was using a USB flash drive as a hard drive, i couldn't install Windows. So i went back to my B250 Pro4 - which i after realized i can get 6 GPU's hooked up (8 maybe if i use the M.2 ports). Everything is working fine on that motherboard, and im selling the Z270 (look on /hardwareswap if you are interested).
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I have discovered something new as far as litecoin mining goes...

The above link points to an eBay auction listing a 1x to 4-port -1x to 16x riser. Theoretically this could turn my one pcie port into 4 pcie ports.
I would then power up 4 video cards through 4 - 1x to 16x powered risers.
Im just curious as to how the bus is split into 4 and whether software will be a limitation to mining
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