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Beermoney Essentials: 6 Ways To Earn Passively With Cryptocurrencies In 2018

Hey guys!
This is my second "Beermoney Essentials" post. Here's the first one about Chrome Extensions if you missed it a year ago. These types of posts basically are just about things have seem to become 'essential' information in terms of Beermoney.
This post is going to be about Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has been becoming more and more popular around the beermoney community, and I think it's safe to say that 2018 will be the year of cryptos.
Here's what this post is NOT. This post will not be the 'here's what cryptos I think you should buy and hodl in 2018'. This post IS going to be about cryptos you can get into and do whatever you want to without having to directly invest in them. So yeah, this post is mostly going to be about mining.

6 Ways To Earn Passively With Cryptocurrencies

Alright, so in this post, I'm going to split things up into 4 parts:

Part 1: GPU mining

Does anyone here remember Nice Hash? (I mean, it technically still is a thing actually). Nice Hash is/was a nice site that would allow you to use your PC to mine. I believe they actually mined ETH (I think), but they were nice because they paid out in BTC (which most people prefer). It was really the easy way for just about anyone to get into mining (assuming you have a decent GPU). Just a month or so ago they claim to have been "hacked" and they lost (at the time) ~$60 million in users' bitcoin. For whatever reason a lot of people wanted them to resume operating after the bits were lost, so they are back up. I won't recommend Nicehash at all. I don't think they were really hacked, and I do think it was an inside job. If you want to use Nicehash, you can. I just really don't recommend it, and there are plenty of alternatives. Here are just a few that I found.


WinMiner is a really neat alternative to NiceHash. From what it seems, the payouts on Winminer are a bit lower, but there are a couple advantages to using this site that might outweigh the lower payouts. First of all, Winminer is really easy to use, you can just download it and set it up, and it's all set. The thing about Winminer that is really nice is that you can get paid out in many different ways. If you want, you can cash out to Bitcoin, but they have a $100 minimum, and the fees are really high, so there's a good chance you won't want Bitcoin. Alternatively, you can withdraw your balance to PayPal, ETH, LTC, Amazon, or iTunes. One thing I don't necessarily like about Winminer is that it does keep your balance in USD at all times, so if you earn for a month and go to withdraw if bitcoin's price goes up 50% in that month, you won't get that bonus reflected on your total cashed out because it was in USD. It's probably not an issue for most people.

Kryptex | Nonref

I have been using Kryptex since just after the announcement of NiceHash being hacked. It has a nice UI and it is very customizable with its settings. This is probably the closest site to the original NiceHash. You can request a payout in Bitcoin any time after you have 0.0006 BTC. One thing about Kryptex is that it does have a referral system. You can earn 10% of your referral's earnings. I shamelessly put my referral link above. Feel free to give it a click if you want.
I don't really prefer this site over WinMiner because it doesn't offer quite as many methods of payments, but here it is anyways.

Part 2: CPU Mining

CPU Mining for Bitcoin has been dead for a long time, but there are still some ways to use your CPU to earn some crypto passively.


LoadTeam used to be a site that would pay you to test loading websites in the background passively. It was never a lot of money (and it still isn't), but they made the change a few months ago to switch over to Crypto Mining. I actually didn't even notice the switch, but I checked my account after a couple months and I had a few dollars sitting there. LoadTeam offers instant paypal transfers with no fee for all balances over $1. It's pretty nice. I didn't even notice a difference in CPU usage over the last few months. I think of it as an easy couple dollars a month, and it runs entirely in the background.

CoinHive Monero Mining

You might have seen this around a bit. CoinHive is a service that allows sites to mine monero in the background(ish). Some sites have been using Coinhive as an alternate to advertising/adblockers. There are a few sites that have been adding coinhive to their site. You can run this passively in the background.
I don't know all of the sites that have CoinHive, but two big ones I know of are and CoinPot.
FYI, I think links are blocked on reddit, but if anyone wants my referral link, send me a PM. I give 100% of my referral earnings back to my referrals.

Part 3: PoC Mining

Burstcoin Mining

PoC Mining you might not have heard of, but it's fucking cool. PoC = Proof of Capacity. While CPU mining uses a computer's CPU, and GPU mining uses graphics cards, PoC mining uses free storage to mine. The appeal of PoC mining is that it seems like everybody has free storage. Check around your house, maybe you'll find a nice external hard drive with some space on it. You can use this to mine from.
Now I know I said above that this wasn't going to be a post of me telling you what cryptos I recommend for you to invest in, but here's my quick pitch for Burstcoin. Burstcoin is the worlds first (and only) PoC coin. It is the "green" crypto. Mining Burstcoin takes up 400x less power than a crypto like Bitcoin. It's really pretty fucking cool, and I absolutely support the coin. Feel free to read more about Burstcoin on /burstcoin, and check out the recent announcement of Dymaxion.
But you're here to learn how to earn from PoC Mining passively.
Unlike CPU and GPU mining, it is a lot more hard to get into because there are a lot more steps involved to setting it up. You'll actually need to know how to 'plot' your storage and set up a mining pool.
I'm not going to write out the entire process because there are plenty of other resources to help you out.
One thing I really recommend is QBundle 1.6, which is probably the closest thing that will walk you through the process of setting up a wallet for burst and start plotting and then mining with your storage.
One thing I'll also point out is that in order to mine burst with a pool you will need at least one burst in order to set the reward recipient. There are faucets you can get a free burst from, but if you can't get the faucets to work, feel free to send me a PM and I'll send over everyone who wants to get into burst a coin to set the recipient.
Here's a video explaining burstcoin a bit more:
If there are requests, I will happily make a video explaining how to get started mining with Burstcoin.

Part 4: Saving/Investing

Okay, I said this post wasn't about investing in cryptos, and that's not what this section is about, at all.
This part of the post is about using the cryptos you already have to earn more crypto. There are quite a few options in this space, but I do advise you to take all caution when investing your cryptos into anything. Realize that ANYTHING can become a scam when you're not holding your own private keys.

I've mentioned this a few times in the past, but allows you to use their site has a savings account/wallet and they pay 4.08% annual compounded interest per year on all your balances held (they pay interest daily). I've been hodling bitcoin on there on and off for quite a long while now and it's really nice. Another advantage I could point out is that their site does work as a wallet as well, and while bitcoin's fees are going crazy, you have the option of setting up an automatic weekly cash out (when you're ready to cash out your balance on their site) and the fee is just 3000 satoshi, or you can sign up for a 1-6 hour payment with a heavily reduced fee, or instant with a full average fee. It's really nice having those options. does offer a 25% referral bonus for all interest paid out on their site, and I wrote above:
FYI, I think links are blocked on reddit, but if anyone wants my referral link, send me a PM. I give 100% of my referral earnings back to my referrals.
I have been paying 100% back for over a year now, and I don't plan on changing that.
Please remember: if you do deposit anything onto that is a risk you're taking.


There are a lot of different ways you can use Cryptocurrencies to your benefit. Even if you don't have a good CPU, GPU, or have much free storage, there are still options for you, and maybe you could even consider taking some of your profits from beermoney in 2018 and putting it into upgrading your own set up, or taking some profits and investing into the cryptos you support.
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