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My Very Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags and Clear Indications of Scumbaggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Need Your Help To Source References and Links For Existing Categories And Add New Ones. This is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. I Know I've Missed Tonnes...Ideas?

My Very Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags and Clear Indications of Scumbaggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Need Your Help To Source References and Links For Existing Categories And Add New Ones. This is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. I Know I've Missed Tonnes...Ideas?
Here’s my Top 22 list of suspicious shenanigans and red flags surrounding the COVID narrative:

  1. The Imperial College Death data - Neil Ferguson and Gates-funded Imperial College, London Model that ‘persuaded’ Johnson and Trump to lockdown. 500K deaths in UK and 2.2m deaths projected in US, EVEN WITH LOCKDOWN. Less than 10% accuracy but 110% alarmist, and evidence that the coding was deliberately flawed and designed to inflate numbers. Gates funding everyone involved in the staged 'debacle'.
Ferguson, with a terrifyingly consistent track record for hyping minor viruses that fail to transpire into pandemics (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, BSE etc), failing upwards as a ‘safe pair of hands‘.
EDIT: I‘ve reposted, but thought I’d put back the 95% that disappeared some minutes ago....
2) Ferguson’s blasé attitude to his affair during lockdown - clearly not too worried for his lovers’ family, if he genuinely believed COVID was a threat. No "error of judgement", just a man who knew there was nothing to fear.
3) Hospitals cleared of patients in readiness for a pandemic that never came. Desperate for cash, doctors and nurses were financially incentivised to put down patients dying with/ of COVID on death certificates to gain payments. In US $13,000 per patient, and $39,000 per patient on ventilator etc.
Footage of empty hospitals worldwide:
Nurses furloughed, sent home for suspected virus without testing. Nurses - with nothing better to do - on TikTok etc:
Nurses slammed for filming TikTok showing them carrying coronavirus 'body-bag': etc
4) Games played with age and numbers, proof that only the elderly and very sick elderly were dying, but less of pneumonia and flu than in previous years. Median age of 79 in US and 82 in UK. Meanwhile whole country on lockdown.
"The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years (e.g. 86 years in Sweden) and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality."
(table from 2/7 down the page...)
5) When this became apparent, initial scare stories in press about children dying of virus, later proven to have no merit, just to ensure the hysteria was generalised. Meanwhile, probability of a child dying from the 'virus' is 35m to 1.
"The second row shows that 2 deaths have been recorded among over 7 million school children aged between 5 and 14 (around 1 in 3.5 million), an extremely low risk — although additional deaths may be reported following coroners’ investigations. Over the last five years, there has been an average of 94 deaths registered over this 9-week period for those aged 5–14, and so the 2 Covid deaths represents only 2% of the normal risk faced by this group. That is, whatever average risk they would have faced in these 9 weeks if Covid had never existed — a risk which was extraordinarily low — was increased by Covid by only 2%."
6) The ludicrous claim that they had never considered economic and psychological DEATH toll of lockdown.
There was a press conference in June on BBC, where they said "saving lives" from the virus was considered more important. Hard to believe, but I can't find the footage yet...
"One of the most consistent themes that emerges from the minutes of SAGE meetings is how the Government repeatedly expected its scientists to account for the economic impact of lockdown restrictions – even though SAGE was not doing any economic modelling."
7) Doctors globally openly being told they can save paperwork and earn money by basing cause of death on ASSUMPTION of COVID, based on the vaguest of pretexts and symptoms.
Also, from the UK...Health Secretary Matt Hancock calls for urgent review into coronavirus death data in England.
It follows confirmation from Public Health England that reported deaths may have included people who tested positive months before they died.
8) The propaganda campaign against any form of alternative to vaccine (Vitamin C and D, African cures, HCQ etc)
“The Government’s leading body for Covid19 drug trials – led by the controversial character Professor Peter Horby – Oxford’s Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health and heading the vaccine programme - stands accused of grossly misleading negative trial results for the coronavirus management drug Hydroxychloroqhine. (Conflict of interest, surely?)
The lead story in today’s France Soir – a long-respected and unaligned French daily – presents compelling evidence to suggest that the Whitehall/Cabinet Covid19 “advice” team cannot be trusted….and raises yet more doubts about BBC complicity in a false Coronavirus narrative.”
http://www.francesoir.fsociete-sante/remdesivir-une-molecule-dinteret-therapeutique-tres-discutable-sur-le-covid-19-partie ( in French)
The [Lancet’s] claim that hydroxychloroquine increases the risk of death in Covid-19 patients has been used by rivals as a stick to beat the US President, who has himself been taking the drug and hailed it a 'game-changer' in the war on coronavirus**.**
Mounting doubts over the study's reliability culminated yesterday when the authors retracted their study from the Lancet medical journal, whose editorial standards have also been thrown into question.
“The Deputy Chief Investigator of the Recovery Trial, Prof. Martin Landray, gave an interview to France-Soir. What he revealed was quite remarkable.
Firstly, the mortality rate of the hydroxychloroquine patients was a staggering 25.7%.
The recommended hydroxychloroquine dose for an adult in the UK is no more than 200 — 400 mg per day. In France, 1800 mg per day is considered to be lethal poisoning.”
9) The saturation of Gates into the narrative at every level. His hallowed and unquestioned presence in media as expert, the only Moses who can lead us out of this wilderness with his magic potions, release us from our prisons with his benevolence. His financial connections through BMGF to NIH, CDC, WHO, BBC, Guardian, CNN etc and of course every pharmaceutical company in existence....
Amazing Polly (pretty much every video this year):
BBC compromised:

“Transforming lives through media”? Gates and the CIA? Can we give up the pretence that neutral Auntie speaks for - or represents - us and our best interests?
Charities and foundations - without transparency, oversight and apparently universally trusted. Call your genocidal plans ‘charity’ and not only will you look like a philanthrApist, but people will even donate to their own demise.
EDIT: For further information, I just found this webpage:
UK Guardian compromised:
Hear the Guardian is regrettably letting 180 staff go this week. Hopefully BMGF can find them suitable homes...
From the article:
“This story came from a Guardian sub-section called ‘Global Development‘.
But then I came across this 2010 Guardian story about how the Guardian has started up this new ‘Global Development’ site in partnership with… the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
So much information on Gates...almost “paralysed” with possibilities. Ideas?
10) Recent US and UK stories where people clearly dying of other things - cancer, suicide, motorcycle accidents etc are ascribed to COVID. Officially, George Floyd’s death should have been ascribed to COVID, since I believe he tested positive during autopsy. Might have led to a very different world...
HighImpactFix video about case number “massage” and motorcycle anomalies:
11) Recent US and UK stories of the deceitful practices by which:
i) the case numbers are conflated with all death numbers on certain days
ii) Dying "of" vs "with" COVID
iii) anyone who dies after testing positive is a COVID death
iv) cases being reported and subliminally conflated with deaths by the media, when death numbers fell too low to keep the public sufficiently terrified to accept coming measures
v) case numbers merely made up or inflated by a factor of ten, in Florida’s case last week.
Too many to include all here, but the recent Florida 'mistake' is here:
If this is a genuine event, what possible reason would there be to commit fraud in so many ways to keep it looking genuine, besides the need to control demolish the world economy and vaccine-shill?
12) Event 201. Drill gone live. Nuff said.
Amazing Polly:
13) The fact that there have been no surprises at all since the crisis began. Every next step had been telegraphed in the media well in advance. Everything began with the notion that a vaccine would be the only solution and the narrative has remained remarkably consistent to Event201.
14) Even with all of these statistical somersaults, the death numbers this year are not far from what they’ve been in previous years. Pneumonia and flu deaths are suspiciously down.

2020 - 6509 flu deaths in five months (Feb-June)
2020 - 6509 flu deaths in five months (Feb-June)
Compared with:

2019- Flu killed 34,157 - more than twice amount for a similar period of five months this year.
2019 Flu killed 34,157 - more than twice amount for a similar period of five months this year.
15) That in the space of four months, they have managed to capitalise on this crisis and remove so many rights from us permanently. An opportunity for which they’ve been waiting for years, COVID sped up the process and kept us otherwise preoccupied.
Here is my list of achieved or achievable hidden agenda:
In no particular order:
  1. Controlled demolition of the stock market/ global economy. Global reset etc
  2. Transhumanist/ AI rollout (post-human, Gates patents for human batteries linked with cryptocurrency (60606).
  3. Vaccine adulation and promotion (Gates etc promising vaccine = release from captivity - pharmaceutical companies in league with WHO to drum up mandatory sales)
  4. Expediting the climate change agenda, conflating it with the virus as a call for world government and global sustainability.
  5. Plus RFID/ ID2020 tracking through vaccines (mark of the beast, without which no transaction/ employment will be possible)
  6. Demonisation and eradication of cash (total financial dominion)
  7. Mass unemployment and Universal Credit system linked to Social Credit.
  8. Bank (and corporate) bailouts – this time round it looks legitimate and necessary, no public outcry.
  9. Using and conditioning us to the concept of quarantining as a future method of control should there be any hint of unrest.
  10. Cultification of the NHS to the point of a unifying religion (clapping and donations and lionisation of medical staff during what must be the quietest time in their history)
  11. Legitimation of multiculturalism and immigration (race-baiting through NHS and volunteers, #youclapforusnow
  12. A shot in the arm for the MSM and government as a whole: no longer irrelevant and dying, people watching 24-7 since pandemic. Taking attention away from alternative media.
  13. Privatisation of NHS/ public services – corporations will step in to ‘save’ us (public gratitude replacing scepticism)
  14. Makes government look noble and heroic (wartime/ WW2 mentality fostered)
  15. COVID19 as cover story for 5G radiation/ environmental pollution/ vaccine damage etc
  16. Mass Surveillance – using 5G ‘for our safety’ to track and trace
  17. Opportunity to pass draconian laws against human rights (assembly, sectioning, travel, speech)
  18. Social alienation/ conformity as preference/ patriotic duty
  19. Prevention of assembly in order to protest draconian laws
  20. Depopulation in stages (elderly first, then with vaccines and suicides/ bankruptcy etc due to system collapse)
  21. Censorship of social media and social discourse in general
  22. Installation of 5G during lockdown to avoid scrutiny
  23. Effecting the transition of the workplace, shopping district and school to the home, ending community and all nourishing human interactions.
  24. The ‘new normal’ - social revolution and culture creation through social distancing/ queuing for shops/reinvention of the word essential/ mask wearing etc
  25. Destruction of small and medium sized businesses and the high street in general
  26. Fauci’s early dismissive comments about virus, herd immunity and futility of masks, before the script was revised.
”You don’t need a mask.”:
To the NEJM, he described COVID in March as a flu, with similar numbers predicted to suffer.
“WOW! Dr. Fauci in New England Journal of Medicine Concedes the Coronavirus Mortality Rate May Be Much Closer to a Very Bad Flu”
Why the u-turn? Surely we define our experts by their consistency.
F William Engdahl article:
Christine Grady (Fauci’s wife):
17) Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Nadine Dorries - The statistical chances (14%) of three members of the UK Cabinet (made up of 22 people), including the prime minister, actually catching it and one almost dying apparently, right before reversing his decision to let it pass.
A very intentionally dramatic start to our lockdown, announced by Johnson from his "death-bed", ensuring all were in the appropriate state of panic:
"Boris Johnson: Hospital doctors were ready to announce my death"
18) Meanwhile, racism knocks the virus off the front pages and our minds for a few weeks, but we’re meant to go right back to taking it seriously when requested.
19) The many proven fake media stories...of long lines for testing and hospital footage from NY, mannequins in beds etc
20) International care home scandals - Deliberately mandating coronavirus carriers into crowded care homes to bump up death toll and concomitant hysteria, kill off elderly...murder?
"It is remarkable how many deaths during this pandemic have occurred in care homes. According to the Office for National Statistics, nearly 50,000 care home deaths were registered in the 11 weeks up to 22 May in England and Wales — 25,000 more than you would expect at this time of the year. Two out of five care homes in England have had a coronavirus outbreak; in the north-east, it’s half.
Not all these deaths, however, have been attributed to Covid-19. Even when death certificates do mention it, it is not always clear that it is the disease that was the ultimate cause of death..."
"The daughter of a 91-year-old gran who died of Covid-19 she contracted in a care home is demanding to know why her mum was “sacrificed” by ministers.
Retired teacher Anne Duncan died in Edinburgh’s Western General Hospitaltwo days after her family managed to force a move out of the care home in the city where they feared she would die alone.
Her daughter Linda hit out at what she called a “scandalous” policy to release coronavirus patients into care homes and called for her mum’s death to be investigated as part of a wider review."
Also, more than 40% of US ‘virus‘ deaths occur in nursing homes:
21) (thanks to law of confusion!) Ventilators - All of the sudden, a clamour for them generated panic demand and buying. Cuomo desperate, while he sat in front of a warehouse wall full of them. Hegelian dialectics at play. Trump apparently withholding, Trump giving them out like Oprah, then the evidence that they were killing most people on them.
“A giant study that examined outcomes for more than 2,600 patients found an extraordinarily high 88% death rate among Covid-19 patients in the New York City area who had to be placed on mechanical devices to help them breathe.”
22) Testing inconsistencies:
Half of CDC Coronavirus Test Kits Are Inaccurate, Study Finds.
”The study's lead author, Sin Hang Lee, MD, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, found that the testing kits gave a 30 percent false-positive rate and a 20 percent false-negative rate.”
“According to the creator of the PCR test, Kary Mullis himself, it cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”
Also, this about CT testing irregularities:
Funny how all the “mistakes” err on the side of positive...
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Weekly Update: $WIB, $VID, $CHZ on ParJar, Pynk crushes Web Summit, XIO swap bridge, Sentivate reorg... – 1 Nov - 7 Nov'19

Weekly Update: $WIB, $VID, $CHZ on ParJar, Pynk crushes Web Summit, XIO swap bridge, Sentivate reorg... – 1 Nov - 7 Nov'19
Hi folks! We are catching up real quick. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (1 Nov - 7 Nov'19):

Three new projects and their awesome communities joined the Parachute fam this week: Wibson, VideoCoin and Chiliz. Welcome! And if you missed, we also added Shuffle Monster, Harmony and CyberFM last week. #cryptoforeveryone is getting bigger by the day. Woot woot! In this week’s TTR trivias, we had Richi’s movie quiz qith a 25k $PAR pot. Charlotte's Rebus trivia in TTR on Tuesday had 25k $PAR in prizes for 10 Qs. Noice! Jason’s creative contest for this week was #artdeadmin: “draw/paint/sketch/whatever you imagine a group of the parachute admins doing together”. Click here to check out some of the entries of the TTR Halloween photo contest from last week. Doc Victor (from Cuba) hosted a Champions League wager round in tip room. And congrats to Victor (Anox) for passing his final Medical exams. We have 2 Doc Vics now. One from Cuba and the other from *redacted*.
Some of the top #artdeadmin submissions. Insane talent!
Jason’s running medal collection. Say what!
Andy shared the latest standings in the Parachute Fantasy Football League (#PFFL). Clinton (7-2) is on top followed by Chris (7-2) in second place and Hang (7-2) in third place. So close! As we rolled into November, Parachute crew signed up for Movember. So now we have 3 teams from the Parachute fold, doing a no-shave November for men’s health issues: Parachute (Tony, Cap, Alexis, Cuban Doc Vic, Richi), TTR (Vali, Ashok, Tavo, Alejandro, Marcos, PeaceLove) and TTR-Ladies (Mery, Martha, AngellyC, Liem, Durby, LeidyElena, Charlotte). Show them some support peeps! This is all for charity. Show them some support folks! This week’s #wholesomewed was about “your most precious possession and give us the story of why it is so precious to you”. A whole lot of $PAR was given out for some real wholesome life stories. Best. Community. Eva! Two-for-Tuesday theme for this week: colors! As always, a melodic Tuesday thanks to Gian! And thank you Borna for writing about Parachute and ParJar on the Blockchain Andy blog.
<- This is where Jose creates his magic. Respect / Cuban Doc Vic’s doggo, Symba, could easily be a TTR mascot. Good boi! ->
This week at aXpire there were two separate $AXPR burns: 20k of last week and 200k of this week. Last week’s news recap can be seen here. Congratulations to the team for being conferred the honour of being handed a key to Miami-Dade County by Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez at the 2019 Miami-Dade Beacon Council Annual Meeting & Key Ceremony. aXpire's disruptive solutions like Resolvr (expense allocation), Bilr (invoice management) and DigitalShares (deal marketplace) help hedge funds and PE firms scale through better profit margins. How? Read here. Did you know that the 2gether Ambassador Zone lets you customise referral messages with a #PicOfTheDay while you earn some sweet 2GT rewards? Super cool! There was an upgrade to the platform this week that might have led to a temporary deactivation in withdrawals while the update was being deployed. CEO Ramón Ferraz’s interview by BeInCrypto was released. Founder Salvador Algarra travelled to an ABANCA event for a keynote speech on Fintech innovation. Next week he will be at Rankia's Blockchain and Crypto Tech gathering to speak on "Blockchain, from predicting the future to building it". CardRates’ feature article on 2gether came out this week. The BOMBX:XIO token swap bridge went live. The swap will be open till 15th December. Plus, $XIO is now listed on DDEX and Switcheo. There were some disruptions in the bridge from time to time because of heavy traffic. Hence, the team also set up a manual swap page as an alternative solution. And please be wary of scammers posing as admins to help with the swap instructions. For any doubts, always reach out to accounts with admin tags on the official Telegram channel. The first set of incubated startups will be revealed on the 22nd of November. Ever wanted to find out about the people who frequent the BOMB token chat? Well, the BOMB Board is running a "Humans of Bomb" series to feature some of the most active members. This week, say Hello to Gustavo.
Key to Miami-Dade County awarded to aXpire. Cool!
WednesdayCoin’s founder Mike floated the idea of making WednesdayClub open on all days. The nature of the $WED token will not change on chain. Just that it will be usable inside the DApp everyday. What do you think? Let him know in the Reddit thread. Birdchain’s $BIRD token was listed on Mercatox this week. A new monthly referral contest was launched as well. 50k BIRD tokens to be won. Nice! Want the SMS feature to be released in your country? Start promoting! A featured article on Chainleak capped off the week perfectly for Birdchain. $ETHOS, $AXPR (aXpire), $HYDRO, $BNTY (Bounty0x) and $HST (Horizon State) were added to the eToro Wallet. The airdrops for Switch’s various token holders were distributed this week. As mentioned earlier as well, $ESH and $SDEX are revenue sharing tokens. Winners of the John McAfee contest and trading competition were announced. Congratulations! Tron blockchain support will be added to the Switch-based McAfeeDex next week. The news was covered by Beincrypto, U Today, Crypto Crunch, Altcoin Buzz and Tron’s Justin Sun as well. The Dex was featured in a Forbes article about John McAfee’s views on Libra. The latest community contest at Fantom involves writing educational articles on the platform. If you have been following Fantom developments, then this would be a breeze. Also, USD 100 in FTM tokens to be won. Sweet! Check out the cool $FTM merch on display at Odd Gems fashion. Even though these are not official gear, they have the blessings from the project. CMO Michael Chen sat down for an interview with Crypto Intelligence India to talk about the upcoming mainnet launch. The crew also appeared for an AMA with Atomic Wallet community. The latest technical update covers "Golang implementation of Lachesis consensus" or Go-Lachesis in short. Check out its demo with 7 nodes here.
Parachute presentation (WIP). That’s right. 500k transactions and counting. Wow!
While the Uptrennd Halloween contest got over last week, AltcoinBuzz made a friggin amazing graphic! Don’t forget to follow the Ann channel to stay up to date with the latest from Uptrennd. Founder Jeff Kirdeikis also announced that he will be working closely with PrefLogic on Security Tokens. Jeff’s interview with MakerDAO Biz Dev Gustav Arentoft came out. After some upgrades on Uptrennd, withdrawals are live again. Instead of the weekly meme contest, there was a flyer contest this week. 5k $1UP prize pool for winners. Wicked! The latest community picked TA report was on ETH. And the crew reached Malta for the AIBC Summit. More pics next week! Did you know that you can get Opacity Gift Codes for various plans at If not, make sure to read up on the Opacity October update. Catch up on the latest at District0x from the District weekly. The District Registry was live demo’ed. Looks cool! Hydro crew travelled to the Web Summit in Lisbon to spread word on the project. They were also represented at the Chicago fintech science fair this week. For a summary of the last few weeks gone by at Hydrogen, you can read the Project update and Hydro Labs update. We have covered most of these in previous posts. For the latest scoop on Hydro Labs, there’s always the Ann channel. Silent Notary’s Ubikiri wallet is undergoing upgrades. One of which is, wallets will be auto-named after creation. A ton more upgrades to be released. Sentivate announced a reorganisation in the company in order to devote full focus on Sentivate. The parent company will close and all resources will move to Sentivate. Here’s another use-case story to emphasise the potential of Universal Web. In the latest community vote on Blockfolio, folks voted overwhelmingly Yes on whether they would like to see more explainer articles on web tech. Also, the epic shoutout from Scott Melker (The Wolf Of All Streets) has to be the best thing ever!
Updated Sentivate roadmap for next 3 months
Pynk travelled to the Web Summit in Lisbon (wonder if they crossed paths with Hydro and SelfKey teams) as an official delegate of the Mayor's International Business Programme and were featured by KPMG. How to catch people’s eyes in a Summit where everyone is trying to grab your attention? With LED back packs. Genius! Such a lit idea, that even Web Summit tweeted it. Woohoo! And then they rocked a series of pitches to get to the big stage. Wins in Round 1 and quarter finals ensured an entry into the semi finals on the main stage. Click here to watch their presentation. Great job guys! Business Insider Poland included Pynk in their list of 12 Fintech companies worth following. The latest Pynk Tank episode delves into deep fakes in political advertising. One of the upcoming features on the platform will be the addition of gold to the daily price prediction tool. Pynk has "absolutely no interest in Bitcoin fanatics, ‘bagholders’ or ANYONE who mentions moons or Lamborghini’s. It’s tacky". This vibes perfectly with Parachute. Read more on Pynk's guide to becoming a super-predictor here. Horizon State announced that it will be resuming business under a new management. Welcome back! The original $HST token will not be supported anymore. The team will be looking into how the token holders are included in the new system. DENGfans, don’t forget to check the mini-projects posted by Mathew in the Telegram channel. Look up #getDENG in the channel. If you’re proficient in excel and VB, get in touch. Shuffle Monster’s $SHUF token is now listed on which acts as a decentralised price aggregator. CyberFM distributed the $CYFM payouts for October this week. Total payout as of 1st Nov is USD 266k+ in crypto. Say what!
Pynk’s LED back packs are a stroke of genius
OST’s Pepo was the 19th most popular dApp on State of the DApps last week. This week it climbed to the 16th position. Upcoming features on Pepo include video replies, threads and debates. Stay tuned! OST crew was at the Web3 UX Unconference in Toronto to talk all things UX. Next week they will be at ETHWaterloo to present and judge the UX award there. SelfKey’s $KEY token got listed on Hong Kong’s Lukki exchange. Like Hydro, the SelfKey team also attended the Web Summit in Lisbon for networking. If you were there, hope you said Hi. Ever wondered how Distributed Identity keeps your information private and safe when blockchains are supposed to be public? Click here to find out how SelfKey does this. More insight was shared into the Chainlink partnership this week by Constellation CEO Ben Jorgensen. The team attended the Air Force Space Pitch Day where it was selected to pitch the platform to attendees. Go get’em! How and why does Constellation do things? Check out the Constellation Principles. The October update for Yazom covers news such as alpha build of the app nearing completion, ongoing deal negotiation with clients etc.

And with that, we close for this week in Parachuteverse. See you again soon. Ciao!
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[USA SEA][H]Deadpool and Harley Quinn books [W]Paypal or bitcoin

Here comes another round of stuff from that huge 20k lot of books I bought. Why is it taking me so long? Besides that I am just one dude and its a mountain of books? I literally have 800+ variants to research.
Yeah, you read that right.
Anyway, as usual, all books are cross posted. Shipping will be close to actual. Will make deals on multiple lots.
Mercs for Money 1 (1st series) $10 Merc With a Mouth 2 70th ann variant $20 Deadpool (2015) 1-7, inc 3.1 and Ann 1 1st Deadpool 2099 $20 Deadpool (Posehn & Duggan) 2, 3 $10 Limited Series 1-4 $18 X-Force 2 (1st Print) $10 Vs Thanos 1 $5 Wedding #27 $15 Death of #45 $10 The Gauntlet $5 Team Up 887 $7 Max 1 $5 Deadpool 2 $5 New Mutants 98 1st Deadpool $325 high grade
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 0, 9 selfie variant, 12 lego variant, 28 $12 Halloween Comicfest 1 $8 (2 available) Futures End 1 $5 Holiday Special 1 $4 Road Trip Special 1 $4 Little Black Book 1, 5 (variant), 6 (variant) $15 Suicide Squad 1 Conner variant $5 DC Rebirth 1 Conner variant, 1 2nd print, 10 Cho variant, 10 Christmas variant $10
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Minimum order $10 plus shipping. Check out my previous posts for more great stuff:
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My posts keep getting removed from Craigslist but I’m trying to find a housemate.

Here’s the deal, friends.
I have yet another housemate leaving “to be closer to work”. This is the second time this has happened; my Housemate Retention Rate is down to 33%. Maybe the far room is, like, cursed or something?
So here we are, again.
Look. I need someone who has their shit somewhat-together. I'm not talking, like, "I'm a volunteer fire fighter on my weekends and I have two full-time jobs at two different orphanages." That's TOO FUCKING TOGETHER. I just need someone who likes a drink after work but also can afford a drink after work, someone who can play word games (that's part of the interview btw), and someone who will put their dishes in the goddamn dishwasher. It is mindblowing how hard that seems to be for some people.
I'm not asking too much, here.
I KNOW you can do this, Sacramento.
So enter You.
Wait, no; let's talk about Me. You're probably curious.
I'm a fantastic housemate. I work a Real Job on weekdays, I'm away on business about a week every month (I’m currently away on business — great time to tell me you’re moving out, dickhead current housemate — and I won’t be back for another week), and I'm probably writing code, writing novels, or playing video games during the times I'm at home. I'd rather be out cycling if I'm honest, but (1) it’s hot as all hell and (2) people keep stealing bike parts from ON MY PORCH, ON FUCKING CAMERA and it’s tough to go for a ride without, y’know, wheels.
I have friends and I invite them over sometimes (MOVIE NIGHTS WHATTTTT??!?!), so I'd strongly prefer if you were cool with, y'know, human interaction. It's weird that I have to specify this, but 2018 was a hell of a time and I don't have faith in 2019, yet. My mates aren't, like, hooligans (okay my friend’s sister is kinda spicy, but she’s not usually around) — but if you're of the "home should be a library all the time" opinion, this might not be the situation for you.
Also, if you have friends (that are not horrible degenerates; good degenerates are fine), please introduce me to them. I am SO social you have NO IDEA.
Oh, and I'm like 30. I don't know. I quit keeping track when I hit 25. I could figure it out if I needed to, but... why? I'll worry about it when I need social security (lmao jk that'll be long gone). Born in '90, you do the math.
I do smoke a couple times per day (OUTSIDE BECAUSE I'M NOT AN ANIMAL AND IF YOU FEEL PERSONALLY ATTACKED IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE) and I drink, like, almost every day — this is a poor choice for a halfway house, if you know what I'm saying. I'm not saying I get trashed and fight mailboxes, but I'll have a couple with dinner.
Oh, and I can cook (when I actually buy groceries, which I haven’t done in a while because I’ve been at home like two weeks out of the last two months). I'm, like, good at it. Listen, though -- if you don't cook, you do the dishes, and vice versa. We live in a society. We have a dishwasher, shit's not hard. Just do like the BARE MINIMUM.
So that's Me. I've written this thing from the hip, so it probably gives a pretty solid vibe about who I am.
Also, we gotta talk about Tanner and Naota, since they also live here now. Tanner is a human, and Naota is a little doggo. He's super useless, but he'll try to punk you. Don't take any shit from a dog that fits in a cereal box, you're bigger than him. Tanner's cool, though. Like me, he travels a lot for work. Also, don't let the name fool you: when I first interviewed this guy, I was like "Aw fuck, I'm meeting some twat named fucking tANnEr" but he turned out to be pretty chill.
Also his “toTaLLy nOt mY GiRLfRieNd” is there pretty often (real talk, I’m gonna charge that girl rent — which is good for you, because your rent would drop!). She’s cool.
So that’s my life. Now let’s talk about you.
At first, this part just said, "fuck it, we'll do it live. Hit me up and we can interview. You've already read this far, so you're probably not The Actual Worst". I was wrong. Turns out, after doing a few dozen interviews, I have to concede that there are some notable exceptions:
• If you have cats, no. I'm like hella allergic and I will literally die. I fucking love cats, but I can't live with them. Life is so cruel.
• If you have children, no. I've spent thirty fucking years making sure I didn't have to deal with children, and I'm not gonna start now.
• I'm REAL SKETCH about couples. If you have Couple Drama, I don't need that in my life. I also don't need to hear you banging in the shower next door when I wake up for a pee at 3am (guess if this has happened 0 times or more than 0 times -- I'm writing this shit for a reason). That said, I will CONSIDER couples, but know this: your rent will be higher. Even if you're only taking up one bedroom, you're also doubling the number of people in all the common areas, y'know? Fair's fair.
• Like seriously, if you're a couple and you're thinking about it, you better be A-fucking-plus tier. I'm not saying "no" but I am saying "probably fucking not". No offense, but I don't know you. But, hey, if you think you have what it takes, let's chat.
• If your job is illegal, probably no. I don't wanna live with, like, meth dealers. Bad news.
• Also if you don't have a job, probably also no. Unless you have a fat inheritance or you got rich on Bitcoin or some shit. I trade options, hit me up.
Sorry about all that negativity, but man I have been SLOGGING through some of these interviews.
To combat spammers, shoot me a text with your favorite sea animal as the subject line. Don't email me; I'm gonna insult you and block you. If you call me, I will ignore it. THEN call you back at some bullshit hour. THEN insult you and block you. It's 2019. Just send a text. Don't email me.
About the place: Three beds, two baths, you get the big room. Living room is like A-tier, throw blankets and shit. They are SO COZY you can't even understand!! Both of the couches turn into ACTUAL QUEEN BEDS so if you wanna watch a movie, it gets HELLA comfy in this bitch.
Place is an upstair, btw, so if you don't have working legs, I'd say... maybe don't. Sorry, Professor X, you're fucked.
Bright side, though, this means we don't have upstairs neighbors. No random thuds in the night! Woo! Plus, balconies are CRUSHING patios, just saying.
Location? 25 minute bike ride from midtown/downtown (or 5-10 minute drive). 2 blocks from the kinda-ghetto shopping center which inexplicably has an amazing sushi place ($17 all you can eat for lunch, you love it) and a somewhat-fancy grocery. There's a bike shop like a 15 minute ride away (if you bike then you're probably hired btw). And we have a bitchin' breakfast place right down the street; SMASHES hangovers.
Gotta warn you, though, we live like 3 blocks from the bike path, and the homeless come out from time to time and descend upon the town to steal bikes (or my fucking WHEELS) in the dead of night to get parts for their chop shop, as I was informed by my insurance adjuster after three of my bikes were stolen. I wish I were kidding, but I'm "I installed cameras" serious, and I've seen their Grand Theft Bike shantytown with my own eyes. Crazy, right?
Aside from that, though, no issues! I mean, you get the occasional kerfuffle or asshole who doesn't turn down their music before driving through, but that's apartment living.
Speaking of apartment living, we have two pools, a fitness center, basketball courts, a tennis court maybe?, and a sort of public hall thing where you can host events, no charge. It's the kind of thing that seems cool, but I've never actually used it. Huh.
Looking forward to living with you, maybe, if you're not crazy. Or, well, if you're "Good Crazy", that's fine. Just don't be "Stabby Crazy", or "Riddled With Neuroses Crazy", or "My Ex Crazy".
Either way, if you've read this far, you're maybe all right.
Have a nice summer. 🍻
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Weekly Update: $BOMB SWOT Analysis, HYDRO dApp store, Silent Notary Consilium, Job Opening at OST... – 20 Sep - 26 Sep'19

Weekly Update: $BOMB SWOT Analysis, HYDRO dApp store, Silent Notary Consilium, Job Opening at OST... – 20 Sep - 26 Sep'19
Hiya folks! Happy Diwali to everyone. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (20 Sep - 26 Sep'19):

Tons of quizzes and contests this week at Parachute + TTR. Doc Vic hosted a trivia on medicine and another one on WW2 this week in TTR. A total of 50k $PAR given away. Victor hosted another trivia there too for 25k $PAR. Sweet! The Big Brother contest came to a close with the finale this week. The winner of Big Brother was Michie, who sadly no one picked. So all 21 participants won 5K $PAR each! Another 70k $PAR was given out to other winners. Plus, $202,500 PAR have been awarded in the various Big Brother contests earlier. Huge! Thank you Gian for doing all of this. And did you get a chance to partake in Tiproom’s Mememania? 50k $PAR in prizes – 25k for top 10 winners and another 25k for 100 memes. Next week’s update will feature some of the funniest memes from the contest. Richi hosted a Movie Trivia in Tiproom for a 25k $PAR prize pot for 10 questions. Woot!
Looking good Alexis!

Catch up on the latest at aXpire from the weekly update video compiled by Joakim. This week’s 20k $AXPR burn can be tracked here. CEO Gary Markham, who sits on the board of Hedge Fund Association, travelled to an HFA event to spread the word on the project. In the last update, we shared that 2gether was hosting a blockchain and tokenization based contest named Crypto Talent in partnership with IEB Spain for students and professionals. Read more about it here. News of the competition was shared on Cointelegraph as well. You can also listen in to Founder Salvador talk about the contest here and here. Check out the 2gether T-shirt that the team wore to the South Summit next week. Neat! CEO Ramon spoke at the Finnovista Pitch Day about FinTech innovation. Salvador’s interview along with a profile of 2gether was published in The Blockchain Land. The winner of the Birdchain Art Contest was announced this week. Congratulations! Plus, some news updates on the app were shared as well.
Birdchain Art Contest winner. Wicked!
Last week we shared that the $XIO ERC20:BEP2 bridge testnet trials have gone well. Here’s a sneak peek into how it looks. Once activated (condition to the acceptance of the Binance Dex listing application), the bridge will be open for roughly a month*. Dash also talked about 3 marketing mistakes that crypto startups make commonly – paying for PR (earned media > paid media), focus on follower count (organic reach > vanity metrics), airdrops (unless done strategically). If you had questions on how the XIO system will work and help startups scale, then fret not. Zachary wrote an article and video explaining it all. The community also voted this week to opt in for an SMS update option if there were ever one. The $BOMB community survey results are also out. This set the basis for a detailed SWOT analysis of the token. An excerpt from Benjamin’s 4% burn report was published on Coinbeat as well. In this week’s discussion series, Zachary reflects on market movements and the nature of the XIO incubator program.
\*[As of today, the switch to Binance Chain has been shelved. $XIO will stay on Ethereum. But there will still be a token swap. Details will be shared in a later update]
BOMB survey results show that the community is well distributed across the globe
Fantom’s Statheros stablecoin project will be partnering with a South African bank working on a mainnet launch. Initial details of the tie-up were released. The news was covered by CFN as well. CMO Michael travelled to a CFN event in London. Click here for pics. Technical Update #14 came out too. The big exclusive at Uptrennd this week was bagging an interview Andreas Antonopoulos. Awesomeness! Loopring CMO Jay sat down with founder Jeff to talk about the road ahead for the company. In this week’s public vote, the community voted to get TomoChain a free review from Altcoin Buzz. Community member Jackson Jerry took the initiative to deliver a presentation on the platform to thousands of students during a University Blockchain Awareness tour. Writers were in for a treat with the start of an article writing challenge with a 1,750 $1UP prize pool. Say what! Like last week, this week’s Meme Monday event saw some hilarious submissions. Uptrennd also got coverage on Micky News’ PR piece. Noice! Welcome to the Sentivate crew Jack! Learn about domain extensions and universal domain systems in this detailed article and thread by Sentivate founder Thomas. Tech enthusiasts were in for a treat this week with discussion threads on 5G and packet puzzles. The latest District Weekly from District0x covers mostly dev updates from the past week. Classic memes was the theme for this week’s Meme contest :p
Old school memes FTW! Lmao
Hydro got nominated for the Florin Asia Innovation Award. Good Luck! The Hydrogen dApp store was opened up for beta testers. The store is also open source. Great! Click here to read up on the structure of the dApp store and how it was built. A number of third party partners joined the store this week including 3Box, TotleCrypto and Carbon. General Operations Manager Marcco Paez sat down for an AMA with Crypto Nation to talk about Hydro. Hope you got a chance to get your questions answered. The team was at InsureTech Connect to represent the project. Want to check out an awesome spectacle? Hydro’s article on visualising code activity in decentralised projects has some uber cool visualisations. You could create one too using Gource. The latest developer update summarises all work done in the past week on the dev front. Silent Notary announced the launch of a Consilium system which will be using its own blockchain network (IDL) for legal actions on the platform. This was necessary since the Ethereum chain is anonymous and legal proceedings require identifiable actors. The $SNTR token will continue to exist on both chains (Ethereum and IDL). For more titbits on the update click here, here, here and here. For updates on Ubikiri, make sure to join the ann channel on Telegram started recently. Full list of socials can be found here. The $LAW referral bonus started last week has seen 4000+ wallets receiving the tokens so far with more on the way. Plus, the presale details are now available on the IDL site.
Hydro dApp store dev visualisation. Beautiful
Last week, the Arena Match community voted to decide which exchange to pursue for a listing of the $AMGO token. DDEX emerged as the winner of the vote. This week, $AMGO got listed on DDEX. Also, the much awaited review of the project by the Uptrennd team was published in two parts (Part I, Part II). Blockfolio and Delta accepted $AMGO for listing on their platforms. Woohoo! Job opening alert on OST: the team is looking for a Product Lead. Apply if you’re up for it. CEO Jason explained how adding friction in early onboarding process helps achieve product-market fit in this tweet thread. Congratulations to SelfKey for becoming an official member of CryptoUK, a self-regulatory trade association based in UK. If you have considered opening an offshore bank account, check out this article on the best countries to choose from. You can make your first move using the Wallet marketplace as well. Hope you took some time out to vote for SelfKey for the Blockchain Identity Management Use Case Award. Constellation’s partnership with the US Air Force was covered by Forbes this week. The team also announced a partnership with StackPath to make node deployment scalable for enterprise clients. Co-Founder Wyatt travelled to USC, Los Angeles, to a Hyperledger meetup to talk about how blockchain protocols can achieve elasticity. Click here to watch his presentation. Bags token launched a 10k $BAGS giveaway contest for helping spread the word on the project. Sweet! The first promo video is up on the BAGS TV YouTube channel. Check it out! An Upcycle Event in the BAGS Bazaar allows you to exchange some of your tokens for $BAGS. This week, they held their 4th Bazaar Upcycle event.

And with that, it's a wrap for this week at Parachute + partners. Ciao!
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Bitcoin Token Full Review
Bitcoin Token Full Review Was up guys I want to talk about Bitcoin Token and all of its cool features like the Masternode, Staking Wallet and even owning your own full node using a Raspberry Pi, Plus some managed to create a Mining Rig or somewhat of a "Staking Rig" for BTCT. Oh and here's the links to what you see in this video =))
** Bitcoin Token Main Website **
** Bitcoin Token Ann Page **
** Bitcoin Token CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko **
**Bitcoin Token Block Explorer **
** Bitcoin Token Medium Page **
** Bitcoin Token Telegram **
** Bitcoin Token Twitter Page **
Keyword: Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales, Promoting, Content Creation, Promoter, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, P2P, Peer to Peer, Block Explorer, Genesis Block, Asic miners, PoW, Proof of Work, PoS, Proof of Stake, MN, MasterNode, Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum, ETH, ERC20, Smart Contracts, MetaMask, ETHplorer, Altcoins, ICO, Crypto Faucets, Bounty Contest, Crypto Airdrops, Bitpay, Bitcoin Token, BTCT
#Bitcoin #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
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Weekly Update: Mycro on ParJar, PAR on MetaMorphPro, new customer for Resolvr, 1UP on IDEX... – 19 Jul - 25 Jul'19

Weekly Update: Mycro on ParJar, PAR on MetaMorphPro, new customer for Resolvr, 1UP on IDEX... – 19 Jul - 25 Jul'19
Heya everyone, looks like we are in for another round of rapid catch ups on the weekly updates. Haha. Here's another exciting week at Parachute + partners (19 Jul - 25 Jul'19):

In honour of our latest partnership with Silent Notary, this week we had an SNTR Parena. Richi won the finale to take home a cool share from the 1.5M SNTR pot. The weekly Parena had a 100k PAR pot. McPrine took home the lion’s share by beating Ken in a closely fought finale. In 8 months since ParJar started, we are now at 12k users, 190k transactions and 200+ communities. Cap says: “…to put it into perspective - June 18th we were around 100k transactions and 9 k users. A month later we’ve added 3k new users (33% growth) and 80,000 new transactions”. Freaking amazing! And thank you for the shoutout aXpire! MYO (Mycro) was added to ParJar this week. And their community started experiencing the joys of tipping.
Lolarious work by @k16v5q5!
Last week MetaMorphPro did a Twitter vote to list new projects. Turns out Parachuters did PAR a solid. Woot woot! The first ever official TTR shirt is already live in the Parachute shop. Alexis announced the start of a shirt design contest to add to the TTR shirt inventory. Ian’s art quiz in TTR this week saw 25k PAR being given away to winners. Victor’s quiz had another 25k PAR pot for the winners. And Unique’s Math quiz in TTR was a 50k PAR extravaganza. All in all, 100k PAR won in quizzes in TTR this week. Sweet! Cryptonoob (Tom) set up a survey this week for “..for people who are interested in Crypto but don't know where to start..” for his work on the Parachute app UX. We all know how much Gian loves the reality show Big Brother. So we saw a new take on his Tuesday fun events. Mention your favourite reality show and what it’s all about to get some cool PAR. Yay!
A PAR coaster makes its way from design to final product in @k16v5q5’s workshop
Chris’ Golf tourney contest resulted in no winners since there were no correct guesses. So he decided to give out fun prizes instead: like Jason for coming last, Win for a “hilariously bad guess” of 100 strokes for the champions total score etc. Haha. However, there were a few top prize winners as well. LordHades, with a tournament score of 1968, took home 50k PAR as grand prize. Neat! Ali, Hang, Clinton and Tony came in close at 2nd to 5th positions. Congrats! And with that, Chris announced the start of another contest: Premier League Challenge for Parachuters (Entry code: x0zj2d) with an entry fee of 5000 PAR each. Prize pool yet to be announced. Jason is still in the lead this week in the Big Chili Race at 47 cm. Not much change either in the other plants. Slow week at Chili land.
Ric getting in on that sweet Parachute merch
Last week we shared that AXPR got listed on Binance Dex. The ERC20-BEP2 conversion bridge went live this week. Learn how to convert your ERC20 tokens to the BEP2 variant from the available how-to guides (article/video/gif). To mark the occasion, aXpire gave away a ton of BNB in an easter egg contest plus a 1% AXPR deposit bonus to folks who started using the bridge. Remember, we had mentioned that the reason for the weekly double burn of AXPR will be revealed this week? Well here it is. Resolvr onboarded a new client: HealthGates. More fees, more burn. Read more about it here. Woot! Victor hosted a trivia like every week on Friday at aXpire for 1000 AXPR. 10 questions. 100 AXPR each. Nice! Catch up on the week that was at aXpire from their latest video update. 2gether was selected as one of the top 100 most innovative projects by South Summit this week. Cryzen now built a Discord-Telegram chat bridge so that anything posted in either platform gets cross posted on the other. The latest WandX update covers the dev work that’s been going on for the past few weeks – support for Tezos wallet, staking live for Tezos, Livepeer and Loom etc.
2gether on South Summit’s honour roll
BOMB community member rouse wrote a quick script on how to identify and avoid common crypto scams. Have a read. As BOMB says, “Stay vigilant and always verify”. Last week's giveaway for the top lessons shared by entrepreneurs had so many good entries that the final list was expanded to 19 winners. Awesome stuff! Zach’s latest article on the difference between BOMB and BOMBX explores both the basic and the more complex distinctions. Switcheo’s introductory piece on hyperdeflationary tokens also talks at length about the BOMB project. Zach also announced the start of the Telegram Takeover Challenge this week – get new communities to experience ParJar and BOMB and earn some cool BOMB tokens in return. Win win! In preparation for the integration of the SMS feature in the Birdchain app, the team released an article on some key statistics. Here’s a video from Birdchain CEO Joao Martins discussing the feature. The latest Bounty0x distribution report can be found here. Also, check out a shoutout to the platform in this NodesOfValue article on bounty hunting opportunities.
Start of beta testing for SMS feature in Birdchain
The ETHOS Universal Wallet now supports Bitcoin Cash and Typerium. Following ETHOS’ listing on Voyager, it will also become the native token on Voyager. Switch continued its PR campaign with cover pieces on Yahoo, CCN and DDFX this week. Altcoin Buzz has a section on its site named “Community Speaks” where members of a crypto community share updates on a project they support. This week, Fantom was featured in this section. V-ID is the latest project using Fantom’s ERC20-BEP2 bridge for listing on Binance Dex. Big props to FTM for opening it up to other projects. FTM got listed on Probit and Airswap. FTM can also now be used as collateral for borrowing on the Constant platform. The Fantom Foundation joined the Australian Digital Commerce Association which works on regulatory advocacy in blockchain. This was also a perfect setting for the Fantom Innovation Labs team to attend the APAC Blockchain Conference in Sydney. Here’s a report. In this week’s techno-literature, have a read of the various Fantom mainnets and the TxFlow protocol by clicking here and here respectively.
Another proposed token utility of ETHOS
Uptrennd’s 1UP token was listed on IDEX this week. To put it simply, the growth at Uptrennd Twitter has been explosive. Check out these numbers. Awesome stats! This free speech vs fair pay chart shared by Jeff explains why the community backs the platform. About 96% of 1UP issued this week has been used to level up on Uptrennd. Want a recap of the latest at Uptrennd? Click here. Crypto influencer Didi Taihuttu and his family (The Bitcoin Family) joined the platform this week. Congrats once again to Horizon State for making it to the finals of The Wellington Gold Awards. Some great networking opportunities and exposure right there. If you have been lagging behind on HST news, the latest community update covers the past month. We had also mentioned last week that Horizon State is conducting a vote for The Opportunities Party in New Zealand. Here’s a media report on it. Catch up on the latest at District0xverse from their Weekly and Dev updates. The Meme Factory bot was introduced this week to track new memes and marketplace trends on Meme Factory. The HYDRO article contest started last week was extended to the 27th. 50k HYDRO in prizes to be won. Noice! Hydrogen got nominated as a Finalist to the 2019 FinXTech Awards. HYDRO was also listed on the HubrisOne wallet this week. And finally, here’s a closer look at the Hydro Labs team. The folks who make the magic happen. Sup guys!
The Parachute Big Chili Race Update – Jason at 1st, Sebastian at 3rd
And with that, we close for this week at Parachute and partners. See you again with another weekly update soon.
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Daily Leaderboard Log/Statistics for Sunday, January 12, 2020

# Name Points Time Win% G W L Pup% Save% Tags Popped Grabs Caps Hold Prevent Returns Support DCs
1 HeffahBenj 1853 07:57:43 47% 91 42 46 5% 0% 575 583 456 34 00:54:46 01:33:50 519 1813 1
2 pinkysquat 1583 06:41:00 44% 87 37 40 11% 0% 512 650 562 59 01:04:08 00:41:41 433 1548 6
3 (420) 1440 05:51:44 50% 77 38 37 5% 50% 446 576 481 40 00:45:28 00:49:43 407 1416 1
4 OuchMyBalls 1393 05:13:16 66% 66 43 19 13% 0% 463 465 421 49 01:00:33 00:39:12 369 1322 3
5 dobs 1078 04:18:32 60% 55 33 22 11% 0 309 349 317 33 00:40:55 00:34:32 256 1078 0
6 CreedBratton 1055 04:10:04 56% 50 28 22 9% 100% 324 335 256 15 00:25:02 00:31:29 250 1003 0
7 WarriOrs 1051 03:18:19 95% 50 47 2 20% 50% 416 290 298 65 00:42:21 00:19:40 309 683 0
8 Werth 1036 04:14:50 55% 53 29 23 8% 0% 320 366 305 36 00:30:08 00:39:21 268 1152 0
9 Alphachurro 976 03:39:49 66% 49 32 11 6% 0% 409 307 267 33 00:23:56 00:51:36 362 1054 5
10 FK 974 03:28:24 79% 44 35 8 13% 100% 483 217 187 29 00:24:02 00:38:38 426 649 1
11 Grifalicious 963 03:52:07 56% 53 30 23 7% 100% 337 280 251 24 00:29:05 00:39:05 292 1046 0
12 bendytoots 913 03:30:53 59% 45 25 15 11% 0% 348 292 265 27 00:29:47 00:24:54 274 809 2
13 poof 886 03:19:53 65% 43 27 14 12% 0% 310 320 258 33 00:31:03 00:21:56 271 822 0
14 breakdown 846 04:24:53 28% 62 17 39 8% 0% 231 494 414 17 00:43:59 00:26:13 196 885 3
15 CoffeeSnoot 831 03:17:25 58% 43 25 16 10% 0 225 281 250 19 00:28:08 00:28:54 189 696 2
16 GoodAtTagPro 818 03:22:27 51% 39 20 19 7% 0 289 291 254 34 00:32:55 00:20:13 239 638 0
17 D4NK_JUK3R 805 02:59:00 70% 42 28 12 11% 33% 314 237 189 24 00:23:27 00:25:19 271 570 0
18 Sunder 804 03:15:46 48% 49 23 17 18% 33% 286 262 239 17 00:32:54 00:32:25 226 832 7
19 BobTheBall 781 03:14:55 47% 41 18 20 12% 0% 223 245 217 15 00:23:52 00:35:28 186 637 0
20 RedOktober 780 03:42:32 29% 48 14 32 7% 100% 243 299 219 8 00:20:17 00:38:37 208 1006 2
21 Gvendolino 775 03:03:54 70% 41 28 12 12% 0% 280 255 208 16 00:19:46 00:32:24 231 937 0
22 xenn 757 03:06:51 57% 40 22 15 6% 0% 254 253 208 13 00:17:15 00:34:18 227 790 1
23 Kraystall 757 03:45:47 32% 51 16 32 1% 0% 242 410 261 16 00:17:23 00:37:59 220 938 1
24 puffs plus l 740 03:01:02 58% 40 23 15 10% 50% 309 210 164 18 00:17:13 00:30:11 254 626 1
25 Doris Day 735 02:56:54 46% 33 15 15 9% 0% 224 249 218 21 00:24:41 00:28:12 192 865 2
26 Yeezy 733 03:10:37 41% 40 16 23 14% 0% 264 260 196 20 00:21:23 00:17:04 223 731 0
27 CLOWN CAR 727 02:56:30 54% 34 18 15 12% 0% 263 278 251 27 00:31:29 00:22:04 233 620 0
28 Gubbles 722 02:40:36 70% 35 24 10 13% 0% 233 207 168 21 00:21:40 00:19:02 175 507 0
29 Pro Boat 707 02:39:33 62% 34 20 9 8% 0% 266 236 221 26 00:31:16 00:21:33 241 735 3
30 inthesomeday 703 02:38:12 70% 33 22 9 11% 0% 193 239 211 20 00:36:36 00:20:32 157 691 0
31 Roj 702 03:00:52 53% 41 21 17 11% 0% 232 257 224 24 00:27:34 00:22:00 198 700 1
32 p34ce 696 03:09:46 41% 40 16 22 3% 0% 138 250 154 6 00:15:08 00:32:03 116 751 1
33 Comakip 694 02:43:52 70% 31 22 9 12% 0 299 262 247 24 00:26:52 00:25:32 256 810 0
34 i Iove HD 683 02:29:56 56% 31 17 12 10% 0% 265 206 174 23 00:24:34 00:30:23 232 682 1
35 Nilus 668 02:38:30 62% 37 22 10 9% 33% 287 254 227 25 00:20:34 00:29:50 248 919 3
36 Faith + 1 664 02:46:42 52% 38 20 18 6% 0 171 262 217 20 00:24:20 00:20:42 124 657 0
37 Pouches 648 02:50:44 52% 38 19 16 9% 0% 206 220 175 12 00:18:40 00:32:55 172 760 1
38 Vedic D 645 02:37:15 53% 30 16 14 11% 0 237 249 203 14 00:25:31 00:16:41 196 716 0
39 drewfa 639 02:37:00 45% 34 15 15 11% 0% 196 246 236 26 00:28:54 00:23:54 162 676 3
40 Tubby 639 02:30:01 52% 43 21 8 10% 0% 198 233 211 24 00:22:15 00:23:16 174 880 11
41 TheRussian 638 02:17:54 60% 30 18 11 10% 100% 280 182 154 13 00:16:50 00:20:06 237 694 1
42 greentea 634 02:37:01 58% 37 21 10 10% 0% 221 215 161 14 00:21:47 00:25:04 194 587 5
43 f t 626 02:53:09 38% 34 13 20 11% 0 224 262 208 19 00:24:27 00:18:52 180 642 1
44 usually last 607 02:30:17 55% 31 16 12 16% 33% 224 195 183 21 00:24:42 00:18:02 163 542 1
45 bob-sacamano 606 02:51:13 32% 36 11 23 5% 0% 152 237 149 6 00:11:31 00:24:27 128 617 0
46 Guaderno 595 02:16:28 73% 30 22 8 6% 100% 198 210 176 15 00:17:31 00:21:50 173 597 0
47 Wizrd 594 02:26:05 48% 29 14 14 6% 0 153 259 224 21 00:24:21 00:19:17 139 561 1
48 Jimbob 583 02:15:50 64% 25 16 9 9% 0 162 211 187 18 00:20:50 00:17:37 132 628 0
49 Jarek 582 02:39:13 36% 35 12 18 10% 0% 168 230 184 14 00:20:38 00:22:37 120 590 3
50 Darth JarJar 579 02:32:34 48% 33 16 16 4% 0 178 233 184 7 00:16:31 00:24:06 157 714 1
51 EB 573 02:23:31 41% 31 12 14 7% 0% 220 168 133 9 00:12:10 00:30:23 187 617 3
52 JARVISLANDRY 565 02:17:59 55% 30 16 12 7% 0% 217 192 166 14 00:18:34 00:19:27 197 731 1
53 Unit Vector 557 02:08:20 54% 23 12 10 16% 0% 180 160 126 8 00:13:42 00:18:19 137 515 0
54 [unreserved] 556 02:31:06 37% 37 13 22 4% 0% 141 241 186 9 00:17:37 00:19:36 123 645 0
55 Losses 341 555 02:29:26 34% 35 12 15 7% 0% 155 274 216 16 00:21:30 00:21:47 138 749 8
56 Vsaucedrn 545 02:17:15 51% 32 15 14 5% 0% 151 192 145 6 00:11:42 00:25:57 122 670 0
57 K42larson 538 01:58:01 61% 26 16 9 16% 0 182 149 113 17 00:13:02 00:20:14 116 410 1
58 El Bollo 536 02:14:17 56% 30 17 12 9% 0% 181 193 162 9 00:16:29 00:18:47 132 636 1
59 Ballsier 531 02:24:59 31% 29 9 20 7% 0 188 209 181 11 00:19:11 00:24:07 160 724 0
60 The Law 527 02:13:18 54% 26 13 11 8% 0% 142 198 163 13 00:21:51 00:13:22 105 492 0
61 Ctrl Period 527 02:23:57 26% 26 7 19 7% 0 117 242 181 15 00:17:14 00:17:04 78 521 0
62 Tilted 527 02:08:02 52% 23 12 11 13% 0 148 176 160 18 00:26:55 00:08:07 119 386 0
63 El Sacko 525 02:00:19 65% 26 17 9 10% 100% 183 153 115 16 00:11:32 00:22:30 147 595 0
64 hmmmm 519 02:19:35 30% 31 9 17 5% 0% 198 174 127 10 00:11:14 00:20:09 187 627 4
65 scoob 514 02:09:34 52% 25 13 10 4% 0 139 163 136 14 00:14:45 00:19:15 116 520 2
66 Bitcoin CEO 506 02:11:40 48% 31 15 15 9% 0 146 185 156 16 00:19:22 00:11:01 97 568 1
67 FreakBall 499 01:52:44 66% 19 12 6 15% 50% 213 142 127 10 00:15:44 00:14:44 155 445 0
68 WasteOfTime 493 01:50:05 72% 25 18 7 9% 100% 189 127 117 14 00:13:12 00:14:14 167 426 0
69 AmishVacuum 492 01:57:43 62% 27 15 9 9% 0% 125 186 165 17 00:19:44 00:15:14 102 530 0
70 clickbait 486 02:19:13 32% 28 9 16 3% 0 124 181 141 9 00:15:12 00:23:25 109 606 3
71 hundo 484 02:07:11 43% 23 10 13 5% 0 163 158 120 6 00:09:19 00:19:24 151 460 0
72 Kermit69 481 02:17:19 36% 31 11 12 6% 0% 138 198 156 12 00:16:54 00:23:51 116 481 7
73 armed walrus 480 01:59:12 64% 27 16 9 7% 0% 203 123 83 12 00:13:12 00:21:56 181 399 0
74 PuyoPuyo 478 01:52:48 57% 22 12 9 6% 0% 126 146 116 8 00:14:22 00:15:30 102 373 0
75 swiss 474 01:54:56 37% 24 9 15 9% 0 135 184 159 11 00:22:10 00:14:47 121 501 0
76 xcv 473 01:46:00 63% 20 12 7 17% 0% 151 127 117 11 00:15:40 00:14:32 119 429 0
77 DUCK BUTTER 471 01:50:59 63% 20 12 7 7% 0% 158 167 139 16 00:16:41 00:16:33 138 552 0
78 Gyara 468 01:38:53 72% 19 13 5 17% 0% 150 107 95 16 00:10:08 00:17:41 114 492 0
79 firehawkv 468 01:51:18 50% 21 10 10 17% 50% 121 194 158 6 00:18:11 00:15:15 98 489 0
80 NIKU 460 01:44:47 64% 26 16 9 12% 0% 174 132 126 17 00:14:43 00:25:37 151 374 0
81 Scrapper8o 459 01:40:59 85% 20 17 3 9% 0 158 145 132 21 00:16:28 00:13:44 131 381 0
82 J0nathan 458 02:17:27 44% 28 12 15 9% 50% 169 204 140 6 00:12:41 00:20:57 145 406 0
83 Q-Dex 458 01:54:27 63% 22 14 8 11% 0 147 144 125 12 00:15:10 00:21:13 120 656 0
84 sexy pups 454 02:18:47 26% 43 11 24 6% 0% 105 213 163 8 00:15:17 00:18:28 94 629 6
85 CLAM DOWN 453 01:52:11 52% 24 11 10 14% 25% 160 147 124 12 00:11:46 00:20:58 125 544 0
86 42 452 01:38:39 75% 21 15 5 15% 0% 150 135 117 14 00:10:56 00:19:32 124 520 0
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90 Anne Fake 448 01:45:23 50% 23 11 10 14% 0% 169 164 147 14 00:17:08 00:12:20 136 475 1
91 CoppinCapss 448 01:41:00 70% 22 14 6 11% 0% 107 186 187 23 00:20:26 00:09:22 92 446 0
92 For The Win 444 01:40:19 60% 20 12 8 11% 0 134 173 154 16 00:16:29 00:16:05 106 468 0
93 Jerry. 444 01:32:09 87% 17 14 2 4% 50% 122 144 139 15 00:17:04 00:11:12 118 479 0
94 Offensive 443 01:52:46 50% 23 10 10 12% 0% 148 213 202 24 00:26:01 00:09:21 131 457 0
95 ApexWaffle 440 01:54:41 44% 26 11 14 3% 0% 119 132 81 3 00:07:02 00:23:34 108 447 0
96 Boss1920 440 01:48:15 45% 24 11 12 6% 0 125 164 133 12 00:14:18 00:15:04 103 419 1
97 yo6969 439 02:57:22 16% 37 6 20 6% 0% 141 309 243 6 00:24:40 00:19:55 117 662 11
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100 Wassup 430 02:02:46 34% 33 11 15 3% 0% 148 209 168 11 00:14:09 00:22:47 132 410 6
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Weekly Update: 10k ParJar users, PAR on Mercatox, BOMB Announcement, FTM on OKEx... – 28 Jun - 4 Jul'19

Weekly Update: 10k ParJar users, PAR on Mercatox, BOMB Announcement, FTM on OKEx... – 28 Jun - 4 Jul'19
Hiya folks! With this update we will be totally caught up with the latest Parachute weekly. Whew! Told ya it will be fun. Thanks for sticking by. Here’s your week at Parachute (28 Jun – 4 Jul’19):

ParJar crossed 10k users this week (with 120k total transactions till now). The growth is real! PAR got listed on Mercatox as well. The first Cex listing. Woot! Remember how well researched Benjamin’s BOMB metrics reports were? You are in for a treat. He made a deep dive report on the PAR token metrics as well. Enjoy! CoinsOnFire’s review of Parachute is out too. Have a read! Cap’s Parachute journey article was translated to Spanish by Roberto. The milestone items for July are pargas, new projects, more coverage. Cap announced a competition to design a logo for the Parachute News/Announcement channel. Tons of solid entries. 300k PAR were given out to the top picks. Pedro’s logo was simple yet clear in its message and was the winner of the comp with it becoming the Ann channel logo.
Great work on the logos, guys! These look super fresh

Ice and Chris rocking that Parachute swag
The latest ParJar feature allows you to see price of any coin/token/USD/CAD/EUGBP/PLN/RUB amount to another coin/token/USD/CAD/EUGBP/PLN/RUB. So if you want to see price of 5000 PAR in AXPR or USD, just type /convert 5000 PAR AXPR or /convert 5000 PAR USD. Try it out in PM with the bot. Ketan won this week’s Parena and laid claim to the lion’s share of the 100k PAR pot. Victor’s trivia this week in ParJar was on Animals. 10 questions, 50k PAR. Dayum! Ian hosted an art quiz in ParJar as well. Another 50k PAR given out. The OG Parachute items were finally phased out of the parachute shop this week. Check out the latest gear that arrived in the shop.
The Big Chili Race Standings as on 2-July
Alexis receiving one of the last shipments of the OG gear
aXpire submitted its proposal to be listed on Binance Dex this week. The 100k monthly AXPR burn can be tracked here. Weekly update video is up as well. Have a look. Co-Founder of Huddl, Vishal Karir, wrote about BOMB as deflationary gold in an article on scarce assets. Jason Choi, researcher at The Spartan Group, talked about two "fascinating & underexposed economic experiments in crypto" in a tweet thread this week. One of them was BOMB. Benjamin’s latest BOMB Report is out as well. You can also watch him elaborate on it in this video. Remember, the BOMB video contest that has been ongoing for a few weeks now? Here’s a compilation of 100 submissions. The winners have been selected. A new market stats dashboard will be going live soon. And finally, don’t forget to mark your calendars for July 15th. Zachary will be announcing the next big step for BOMB.
This chart from Benjamin’s report seems to back up BOMB’s core idea
Horizon State was featured in the blockchain showcase series by Micky News with a detailed background on the project and where they are heading. HST got added to the FlashCoin mobile wallet and its P2P marketplace. The Hydro Pay app’s official video was released this week. Plus, check out the latest app updates here, here and here. The project was also covered in a publish0x article about 3 promising projects in H2 2019. HYDRO has taken the lead in a vote-for-listing competition to get listed on ChangeNOW. Read more about DeFi and how Molecule is a positive force in the DeFi space in Hydro’s article. In District0x-verse, read up on the latest from the District Weekly. Meme Factory’s newest meme contest is underway. Hearthstone fans, don’t forget to catch the gameplay recording of Game of Memes (which uses Meme Factory assets for game cards). Project Manager Alexander wrote about the journey of Meme Factory so far in his blog article.
Meme Factory's dankest meme as of 4th July :p
Fantom’s FTM token was listed on OKEx, OKEx Korea and Bittrex International this week. If you’ve been living under a rock for the first half of 2019, CMO Michael Chen’s got your back. His half yearly recap article covers all things Fantom. Michael's presentation at ZKLux#1 was featured in Sikoba's blog post. PaperCoins’ review of Fantom was published this week. Check it out! The team also had an AMA with the latest partner, Xangle. Click here for the transcript. Opacity (and Hydro Pay) were added to dApp browser on June recap for Opacity was out this week. Bounty hunters, have a read of the weekly Bounty0x distribution report. Bloom partnered with the platform to provide Bloom verified accounts for Bounty0x users. Bloom verified accounts are more trustworthy and hence get access to higher value bounties compared to unverified accounts.
Bloom takes data privacy seriously
1UP will be seeing a major burn of its tokens in the near future. Read more about the updated tokenomics here. Another project will get a chance to be reviewed in detail for free by Uptrennd. Voting started this week. Have a question to ask Enjin CTO Witek Radomski? Uptrennd will be interviewing him soon and your question could make it to the interview. The ETHOS Universal Wallet turned 1 this week. Happy Birthday! Switch’s press releases went live simultaneously on Reuters, The Merkle, Bitcoin PR Buzz, Coinspeaker, Blockmanity and ZyCrypto. ESH was listed on Mercatox and ZooomEx. One of the coolest features on Switch is the option to buy gift cards with altcoins. Catch up with the latest at Switch from their update article. In Birdchain news, get an early preview of the of the SMS feature on the app and its testing snapshots. Details of the 2gether referral program were released this week. Here’s a link for Spanish speakers.

And with that, it’s a wrap for the rapid catch up series and for this week at Parachute. Thank you again for being here and God Bless Parachute! See you again with another update. Ciao!
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Phone services talk and text
1) lifeline 5-7$ month Unlimited talk and text 2) consumer cellular 20$ a month 250 minutes, texting unavailable 3) At&t pay as you go plan Unlimited talk, text, and data for 2$ a day
Note: if you get telegram or signal on your phone. Then have family and friends signup for it. You'd have unlimited talk, text, and video chat for free! Just need WiFi or data
Data and WiFi plan
1) at&t data connect pass 30$
Now it's used for iPads only. It's just they don't tell you this but you can pop the sim into your phone. You can purchase this from a eBay reseller for about 40$.
You'll also be able to use this in a dual sim phone or purchase a comparable router. Unlimited data for 30$ a month!
Purchasing food, electronics, etc
1) use coupons, rebates, etc to get money back
2) sign up for a credit card with money back on purchases and by everything with it. Combined with 1)
3) use purse. Io a website that allows you to purchase everything from Amazon with bitcoin at 15-20% off. It works great use it a lot! Now for purchasing bitcoin use Abra it's a app on iOS and Android no fees nothing!
Windows keys, Microsoft office keys, antivirus keys
1) getitcheap. Pro
Use PayPal on all purchases! If something happens you'll get your money back.
Video games (Primarily PC)
1) Kinguin
2) humble bundle- 10% off with .edu student email
3) g2a -just like Kinguin
NEVER use Steam you'll get ripped off most of the time. You can get it way cheaper via Kinguin and other sites.
Free Birthday meals
Breakfast Freebies & Deals
Bojangles – When you subscribe to Bojangles’ e-club, you’ll receive a free sausage, steak, Country Ham or Cajun Filet biscuit on your birthday with any purchase.
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Einstein Bros Bagels – As a member of the Einstein Bros Bagel Club, you’ll get a free bagel and schmear on your birthday when you buy a drink.
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Waffle House – Enjoy a free waffle on your birthday when you join the Regulars Club.
Appetizer Freebies & Deals
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Black-eyed Pea – Sign up for the EClub and you’ll get a free appetizer on your birthday when you purchase an entree.
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Joe’s Crab Shack – Sign up for Joe’s email list and get a coupon for a free appetizer to use on your birthday.
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Lunch and Dinner Freebies & Deals
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bd’s Mongolian Grill – Free meal on your birthday when you join Club Mongo, plus $5 off your next visit for joining. Participating locations only.
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Black Angus Steakhouse – Enjoy a free steak dinner with the purchase of an entree on your first birthday as a Prime Club member.
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McAlister’s Deli – Get $5 off for your birthday when you sign up for DeliGrams.
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Auntie Anne’s – When you join My Pretzel Perks, a coupon for a free Signature or Classic pretzel on your birthday is automatically loaded into your account. To redeem, open the coupon in the Rewards section of your My Pretzel Perks app and show it to a crew member.
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If you have any question or ideas comment down below.
This is all I have for now. I will thing of some other stuff later and edit the post as it comes.
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Beginners Introduction Guide for Pundi X

Beginners Introduction Guide for Pundi X Executive Summary;
Pundi X’s mission is to make buying crypto currency as easy as buying bottled water. As the Walmart and 7-Eleven of crypto currency, we want users to buy and use crypto currency anytime anywhere. Pundi X a leading Singaporean-based blockchain company recently ranked by KPMG as one of the world’s “Emerging 50” firms that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and practices in its 2018 Fintech100 report of Leading Global Fintech Innovators. We have a product poised for mass adoption infrastructure, where consumers can buy and sell crypto at any participating retailer and spend their crypto. For every transaction, through the XPOS (which is a point of sales) machine, there will be a token burn coming. Token burns mean reduced supply over time. The more machines in outlets and more people using crypto means supply will decrease, therefore the demand will increase. Pundi X will not be an erc20 token for long, Pundi X is creating its own blockchain called the f(x) blockchain. - Instant transactions worldwide 24/7. - No monthly charges or any hidden fees. - Merchants will receive revenue back, a whopping 65% from the total transaction fee, on every single Crypto related transactions. - Consumers can readily buy/sell Crypto currencies straight from the actual XPOS device. - No Banks needed, hence serving the un-banked and the under-banked population. - Merchants can receive payment in their local fiat to avoid Crypto fluctuations. - Supports Mobile payments, NFC, QR Code and all current traditional payments. - The POS can setup your inventory, loyalty programs, ads, and print smart receipts. - Avoid high Visa/MasterCard/Credit Card fees using XPOS solutions.
  • 5,500 XPOS Dispatched already to 25 countries.
  • Tested over a two day period in the Historical first ever crypto mass event with "Ultra Taiwan Music Festival" with 30,000 + attendees, went flawlessly, (see videos on Pundix Official YouTube Channel).
  • 300,000 XPASS dispatched.
  • 60,000 + Transactions over the XPOS.
  • 20 + Top Crypto Exchanges.
  • 45 + Events attended.
  • 150 + Team members.
  • 7 Head Offices globally.
All Partnerships (so far):
Major Partners: -American Chamber of Commerce Korea, AMCHAM is the largest foreign chamber in Korea with around 1,800 individual members from almost 900 member companies with diverse interests and substantial participation in the Korean economy. Their partners includes, MacDonald’s, Star Bucks, Hyundai, United Airlines, Citi, Hawaiian Airlines, MetLife, Ford, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Cisco, HUB, Nike, Oracle, Kelly, Philip Morris, Hyosung, Cigna, Kim & Change, Pfizer Korea, and many more, see link below;
-Ebooc (Government UEA) Ebooc and Pundi X will provide several other applications for consumers such as making retail payments; paying for government services, fees and fines; utilities and bills; telecommunication bills and school fees on POS devices running a stable, digital equivalent of traditional fiat currencies in the region. The move brings our world-leading, blockchain-based XPOS technology, XPASS card and e-wallet to the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa region for the first time with Ebooc as the official partner under the terms of a strategic partnership agreement as executed. Additional Back information about the Founder of Ebooc: Entrepreneur & Senior UAE Government Official with deep Government experience of over 20 years. From his current role as Assistant Undersecretary, Industrial Development Sector at Ministry of Economy, UAE, Abdalla has been able to participate in policy-making and planning strategy for ministry of Economy and oversee the operations and major projects within the industrial sector. Developing action plans and programs for the industrial sector, overall supervision of the industrial licenses issued by the ministry, General supervision of Institutions Support Department, which specializes in conducting necessary studies for the development of industrial exports. Regulations and specifications of Foreign Affairs in coordination with stakeholders Prior to this was the CEO strategic planning & affairs at Emirates Post Group was on the Board of Directors of Wall Street Exchange Chairman of the Executive Committee ; Vice Chairman of the Emirates Marketing & Promotion Corp. Board Member of the Emirates Courier Services – Empost.
-Ubivelox, they have become an international innovator in the development of smart cards, mobile communications and blockchain (ranked 6th largest in the world). The two companies will work together on XPOS and XPASS technology development, security and market deployment, which will not only facilitate the promotion of Pundi X in Korea, but also help accelerate the layout in the global market.
Why Pundi XPOS;
Pundi XPOS not only facilitates cryptocurrency payment or transactions but also accepts transactions through mobile wallets and traditional bank cards. Our POS solution can support retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, marketing and loyalty programs. Pundi XPOS device is an all-in-one solution for retailers. • Accept cryptocurrency as payment • Intelligence clearing system to increase the value of the store properties • Selling and buying crypto currencies • Support BTC, ETH, NPXS, BNB, XEM, QTUM, XVG, ACT, LTC, DGD, XLM and more crypto currencies. • Support cryptocurrency payment card, such as Pundi XPASS card. • Support mobile payment apps, such as Alipay, Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, E2Pay, Go-Pay, Pundi-Pundi, and WeChat Pay. • Support cryptocurrency wallet payment, such as Qbao, X Wallet, Nem Wallet and more. • Establish credit history and reduce financial risks • Provide a gateway for financial service providers • Support loyalty / membership management system • Support promotional and NPXS reward system • Support 3rd party delivery and logistic service providers
Additional factors; - Instant Transactions - XPOS transactions happen instantly at less than 0.5 seconds. No delays. Just pay and go.
  • Fiat Settlement without Volatility - To avoid any volatility risk, merchants will receive their settlement in fiat money.
  • Work Easily With XPASS & XWallet - The XPASS card is an easy-to-use tap card for crypto beginners. Top it up with your preferred cryptocurrency and pay with ease. You can also pair your XPASS card onto the XWallet mobile app and use it with the XPOS.
  • Support Multiple Cryptocurrencies - The XPOS is cryptocurrency-neutral, so you can transact with your favorite coins or tokens like BTC, ETH, BNB, NPXS, etc.
  • Buy Cryptocurrency With Ease - In addition to making payment, customers can purchase cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from the XPOS with ease. The experience is as easy as buying a cup of coffee.
  • Merchants get back 0.65% of the total fee for every crypto transactions.
Please see the Medium reports for more details on all developments to date:
XPOS Order Form; XPASS Card Order Form;
The XWallet mobile app connects regular digital asset wallets with the Pundi X payment ecosystem. It allows users to easily make payments in physical stores via the XPOS & e-commerce using our "Collect" feature of the app.
The XWallet can also be paired with the XPASS, making it a digital payment app that can be used anytime, anywhere. To download App for Android or ISO see below and to see a built-in guide for merchants and users guide are within the actual XWallet App or here:
Merchants Collect Feature (e-commerce);
  1. Submit an XWallet Merchant application via the app and once the application gets approved, then your “Collect” page would be marked with “Pundi X verified merchant”.
  2. You can open the XWallet app, then show the QR code on “Collect” page for customers to scan and pay;
  3. You can also tap “Save” on “Collect” page to download your QR code as a picture, print it out, and place it by the checkstand for customers to scan and pay. This would be a more convenient way to collect payments.
  4. Collected cryptocurrency assets would go directly to the XWallet Merchant’s Virtual Card account.
My actual QR code, scan to see UI on XWallet.
This is a powerful tool for e-commerce's to upload their QR Code on websites payout section. Sending any supported currencies on the X Wallet is accepted by one single QR Code, such as the above.
XPass Cards;
You can easily manage your digital assets, check your current balance, or top-up in the XWallet. By default, each user will have a virtual XPASS card in the app. You can also pair your XWallet with your Pundi XPASS card to make payments directly from the app when needed. If you lose the XPASS card, you can transfer all your tokens from the XPASS card to the XWallet app or to another XPASS card.
Instant Payments Online or Offline;
Transactions via an internet-connected XWallet or XPASS can be processed immediately, while offline transactions can be made by scanning the QR code, which will later be uploaded onto the blockchain. The XWallet, in short, keeps up with your busy lifestyle.
How to top up your XWallet from other wallets; • Select the ‘Card’ icon and choose the virtual card. • Select the type of currency you want to top up. • Tap on the ‘Receive’ icon and choose ‘View address’. • Copy the top-up address or scan the QR code. • On your other wallet, choose the correct type of cryptocurrency and insert the XWallet top-up address to make the transfer. (Note: The speed of transferring tokens from other wallets to the XWallet app varies, depending on their relevant blockchain network conditions. To make instant payment transaction at any XPOS merchant, we recommend users top up their XWallet account from other wallets at least 6 hours before using the app.).
XPASS Card Order;
Payment solutions;
Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Samsung, American Express, BNB, LTC, XVG, NPXS,, Alipay, M-bayar, Go Pay, WeChat, Xpos Consortium, Ubivelox, XPOT and many more. Distributors; Manticora Capital, Bit Captial, Ubivelox, BlockPay and more to follow. Blockchain; NEM, UTrust, GGOX, Verime, Wanchain, Stella, Genaro Network. More to follow.
Burning of NPXS;
A quick summary of Pundi X token’s utility on each and every transaction: 1. A bit of it is burnt for every crypto related transaction that happens in through our XPOS. 2. The token is used to list other tokens in our XPOS, for example, QTUM paid us a sum of NPXS to be listed later in our XPOS, and this will include future coins that will be listed in our XPOS. 3. Loyalty programs are made & paid with NPXS. 4. Ads that run through our XPOS are also paid in NPXS. 5. Future products will be paid with NPXS. 6. Claim goods and services from merchants.
The XPOS is comprised of two parts, the consumer and merchant.
The Point of Sale device (XPOS);
For the merchants; 1. You get 1% extra as a fee. You can set it up from 0-3%, but we recommend 1% fee. 2. You can sell crypto again with that 1% fee. 3. You can sell the XPASS cards. 4. The POS can setup your inventory, loyalty programs, ads, and print smart receipts. 5. You can accept crypto, again the 1% fee. 6. You will be one of the first to change how the world uses crypto.
For the XPASS holders; 1. They can liquidate their crypto assets through our merchants, hassle free. 2. They get a special discount. 3. If you lose the XPASS black card, we are able to recover it (as long as you have the security card).
Case study of fees;
▪ 100% of Pundi X’s revenue that is generated through transactions on the XPOS will be removed permanently from our NPXS token circulation (and that's called token burn). This means that if Pundi X makes $1 of revenue from a transaction, they will take $1 worth of NPXS out of circulation permanently. NPXS tokens taken out of circulation will never be able to re-enter the circulation in any way as they will no longer exist.
▪ if the transaction is made in Pundi X tokens, we will take the tokens immediately out of the total supply. If the transaction is made in other tokens or fiat, we will use the proceeds to buyback NPXS, after which we will permanently remove the NPXS tokens from circulation and ensure they can never re-enter circulation.
▪ In case of a fiat to crypto transaction (including a payment with mastercard/visa) NPXS will be also burned.
▪ Case study 1: a user buys $1,000 worth of crypto from a merchant in a store using Pundi XPASS card. The total charge a user has to pay is $1,010; $1,000 for the crypto and $10 for the service fees. Of the $10 received, $6.50 is paid to the shop merchant for rendering this service. $3.50 is paid to Pundi X for providing XPOS (switch) and XPASS (Issuer) service.
Function X Blockchain – A game Changer:
The f(x) (short for Function X) blockchain under current test environments, each XPOS is an f(x) node; all data from the XPOS will be fully encrypted and stored in f(x) low level IPFS. Our IPFS is one that is specially designed for XPOS, f(x) and other smart devices. The f(x) public ledger will record all transactions, and the chain deploys sharding and PBFT. At Pundi X, we believe that open source is the way to go and to strengthen the blockchain community. We will gradually enable all of our operating system and f(x) chain’s code to be open source. It will be free for all Dapp software and hardware manufacturers to develop products for the f(x) ecosystem, hence achieving true decentralization. Let’s all work together and re-engineer a decentralized world.
10x for Speed; Visa can run 7,000–20,000 transactions-per-second (“TPS”). Any blockchain that offers small multiples of speed improvement is unlikely to displaced a tried-and-tested system like Visa. A 10X increase means 200,000K TPS has to be achieved. Our upcoming blockchain called Function X (fx for short), we have to make sure we are comparable if not faster, at 10X it is at least 200,000 TPS, not just on paper, but in real application. Sharding depends heavily on the availability of nodes. Confirmation processes increase by an order of magnitude when you increase node counts, we are already deploying the XPOS which will act as nodes.
10x for Scaling; Scalability in a restaurant means how fast can you serve your meals, the faster you can scale, the more business you can have. Therefore, companies like McDonald’s spend a lot of effort shortening the time between ordering and checkout to serve its customers. Scalability in blockchain is similar: it depends on the code (how fast can the burgers be flipped) and also nodes (how many cashiers can confirm the order). So whose code is the best? We will only know when proven. And what about nodes? The blockchain with the largest nodes will prevail. Currently Ethereum has the most nodes, but maybe not for long.
10x for Consensus; And what about nodes? The blockchain with the largest nodes will prevail. Currently Ethereum has the most nodes, but maybe not for long. With our minimum plan to roll out 100,000 XPOS in three years, we will be able to scale up transaction numbers significantly as the number of XPOS devices increases. Can we do much more than 200,000 TPS? Let’s analyze: Sharding is a process of dividing a global network into pieces of a local network. Each local network would then take charge of two-thirds consensus so that a particular transaction is verified in the local network and then broadcast to the global network.
Five Pillars of Function X Blockchain;
  1. Fx Operation System - (ROM) Android-modified blockchain-enabled operating system. Users can switch seamlessly between fx blockchain and regular everyday android mode.
  2. FXTP - (Web Protocol). Decentralized transmission protocol (P2P) and similar to https.
  3. Docker - Open Source platform for developers to build, ship, and run distributed applications (DApps).
  4. IPFS - Storage of various contents.
  5. Public Blockchain - A High performance and secure public blockchain.
More details here; The Road ahead:
The Blok-on-Blok (Smartphone);
The Blok-on-Blok (BOB), and the first true blockchain phone call, we demonstrated to thousands that we had a new protocol for communication that could take blockchain beyond the world of financial transfers. The BOB is powered by Function X OS which is based off the Android OS 9.0, so there is a backward compatibility with any Android apps. Blockchain-based calling and messaging can be toggled on and off on the phone operating system, which builds upon Android 9.0. On the blockchain mode, the services in the BOB can operate completely independently of centralized carriers. Users can route phone calls, messages, and data via blockchain nodes without the need for centralized service providers. The BOB is in fact the first mobile phone that can run completely on a decentralized ecosystem powering telephony, messaging, and data transmission. The BOB itself significantly expands the use of blockchain technology beyond financial transfers. Every BOB Phone is also a node on the network to contribute to the operation of the blockchain ecosystem. Content and connectivity are organized in a distributed, node-to-node manner.
  • Every device in the Function X ecosystem will be a node and each will have its own address and private key, uniquely linked to their node names, not unlike traditional URL and IP addresses.
  • The OS can be overlayed to any existing Android devices without any compromises and compliment as a node to the function X blockchain.
  • Using a new DApp published on Function X, Zac hailed a New York City cabbie from midtown Manhattan to Central Park via a smart contract executed on Function X. The taxi order was both conducted and recorded on-chain and by-passing any ride-hailing service via BOB.
  • In the browser, you may browse the traditional Internet via HTTP or use the blockchain Internet via FXTP.
  • In f(x) OS, users are able to switch seamlessly between two modes. The blockchain mode allows a user to be connected to the blockchain - everything which you do in this mode like texting, calling, taking photos, browsing, etc. will be transmitted via the blockchain. In the traditional mode, it is like any other Android phone.
  • You can develop DApps for X Play Store and regular apps for Google Play Store. Note: Final design and specs are subject to change.
The FX blockchain: Giving data control back to users and creators. “What this all means is that data control can and must be given back to users,” said Pundi X Founder and CEO Zac Cheah.
“Telecommunications and Internet companies have derived tremendous value from controlling data. By decentralizing apps, we can put this data onto a smart contract, effectively giving control back to creators and to users”.
“Much of what we call peer-to-peer or ‘decentralized’ services continue to be built upon centralized networks. We are changing that,” added Cheah.
Mobile devices as nodes;
“Scalability in blockchain is derived from the number and geographic spread of nodes. It is clear how achieving a critical mass in terms of scale will require something with a high utility for people. The BOB thus has the potential to establish a large global pool of nodes,” said Pitt Huang, co-founder and CTO of Pundi X.
“And with Function X offering people the choice to be independent of a centralized communications network we’ve created a new use, a high and universal utility for blockchain. In turn, this will give life to a network large enough to support better scale, throughput, and new potential applications, plus true decentralization that has so far eluded blockchain.”
YouTube in-depth close up videos; 1. Introduction to BOB phone - Part 1 of 6 2. Bringing Function X to life with the BOB - Part 2 of 6 3. Setting BOB up as a Node - Part 3 of 6 4. Using the BOB to manage your files and browse the web - Part 4 of 6 5. Blockchain-based text messaging on the BOB - Part 5 of 6 6. Blockchain Call on the BOB - Part 6 of 6
More details here; Website;
The F(x) Coin;
The f(x) ecosystem is fully decentralized. It’s designed and built to run autonomously in perpetuity without the reliance or supervision of any individual or organization. To support this autonomous structure, f(x) Coin which is the underlying ‘currency’ within the f(x) ecosystem has to be decentralized in terms of its distribution, allocation, control, circulation and the way it’s being generated.
Broadly, there are four main participants in the f(x) ecosystem, as shown above: • Consumer: Users enjoy the decentralized service provided by the f(x) ecosystem.
• Infrastructure Service Provider: Providing infrastructure service like the ones provided by mobile carrier, Amazon AWS but in a decentralized way.
• Developer: Building DApp upon f(x) network like Uber, AirBnb, Alibaba.
• Financial Service Provider: Providing liquidity of f(x) coin like NASDAQ, Morgan Stanley.
Infrastructure service provider, Developer and Financial service provider contribute the seamless operation and service shall generate the positive circulation, innovation and value flow to the f(x) ecosystem.
The value flow of the Function X ecosystem; • Infrastructure service provider can offer the service, such as Blockchain, FXTP, DDocker and IPFS to earn f(x) Coin.
• Developer can build applications upon f(x) OS to earn f(x) Coin and at the same time they need to pay for the infrastructure service.
• Consumer enjoys the service and pays for the service in f(x) Coin.
• Developer and infrastructure service provider shall earn f(x) Coin in return by providing their service and they can liquidate it through the financial service provider to earn some profit.
Together, these four participants will create a positive value flow. More service providers will enhance the quality of service and attract more consumers. More consumers will bring more value to the ecosystem by attracting more service providers,and creating f(x) Coin liquidity. Deep liquidity of f(x) Coin will attract more financial service providers to enhance the stability and quality of liquidity. This will attract more service providers to the ecosystem.
Utility of f(x) Coin;
f(x) Coin is the native ‘currency’ of the Function X blockchain and ecosystem. Services rendered in the ecosystem will be transacted with the f(x) Coin. Possible scenarios include: • For service providers: To get paid by developers, companies and consumers for providing storage nodes, DDocker and speeding up of network connections. The role of service providers will described in other sections.
• For consumers: To pay service fees for using DApps, nodes, network resources, storage solutions and other services within the f(x) ecosystem.
• For developers: To pay for services and resources rendered in the ecosystem such as smart contract creation, file storage (paid to IPFS service provider), code hosting (paid to DDocker service provider), advertisements (paid to other developers) and others. To get paid by the enterprises or organizations which require the developer’s service.
• For enterprises or organizations: To pay for service fees, developer fees and advertisements. Services provided to consumers will be charged and denominated in f(x) Coin.
• For phone and hardware manufacturers: To pay for the Function X Operating System customization. Note: we plan to only build a few thousands of the BOB flagship handsets and leave the rest to third-party manufacturers to build more using our operating system.
• For financial institutions: to receive payment for financial services rendered for the ecosystem.
• Many more future scenarios. Hence f(x) Coin can be used as ‘currency’ for the below services, • In-app purchases • Blockchain calls • Smart contract creations • Transaction fees • Advertisements • Hosting fees
Updated fx article:
Contact Us; Please also read the white paper which can be found on the official webpage: A detailed simple guide for Pundi X in Spanish language;
Twitter: Telegram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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