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I'm the CEO of Coinbook, a new US-based bitcoin exchange. We have been working on this project for over a year and all pairs are against the USD. We will be adding a few alts in the next few weeks including DigiByte, Feathercoin, & Bullion. We have our eye on others, but feel free to check us out at [[link]2 .

Also feel free to ask me anything!

Calvin Weight
Coinbook, CEO
New Bitcoin Exchange - Coinbook.com
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Author: calvinweight
1: c*inbook*c*m 2: *oinbook.c**]*^1
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Cryptocurrencies plunge for the week with Bitcoin still below USD$6,550, forecasters project 54% per annum growth in the Cryptocurrency ATM industry over 5 years and Coinbase explores launching a Bitcoin ETF with BlackRock

Developments in Financial Services

Regulatory Environment

General News

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The future of Dogecoin: My perspective

Hi. I'm new to Reddit. This is my first post submission. That being said, I thought I'd say my opinion about where I think Doge is heading.
I've been on BTC-e for a month. Not a long time if I do say myself, but I've seen the highs and now the new lows, as well as the ridiculous troll box at work. Fontas is gone(or is he?) and the moon seems farther away than ever before because China recently travelled there.
I think we all know what is holding Bitcoin back, and likewise Dogecoin. I will list them off:
[b]1.) China is cracking down on Bitcoin's mainstream usage in China. It doesn't want their banks involved and it certainly doesn't want people using it as a means to avoid paying taxes. Yet, they have not banned it. Other than China not liking how Bitcoin may take away from their tax revnues and their attempts to clamp down on corruption and money laundering, China actually is fine with Bitcoin. It is fine with Bitcoin because it competes with the US dollar and will help, as a device, medium, or what have you, to upsurp the position of the USD as the international currency reserve. China has made calls for the USD to be replaced with a new international reserve currency. As it stands, the pump and jumps, volatility of the "currency", and how it has no centralized control will prevent it from becoming an international currency any time soon. This is a catch22. My point is as long as it doesn't fuck with China's tax dollars and encourage corruption, then it is here to stay with China.
2.) Christmas and New Years. It is that time of season. People are withdrawing their volumes in order to take their profits for obvious reasons and personal gain. If you got rich from Bitcoin, why wouldn't you treat yourself, significant other, or someone with a present, or nice celebration, or whatever using the profits from Bitcoin a person has made?
3.) Crash. It happened, and people followed by selling off and others cut their loses. But the "currency" currently remains between $600-700. Confidence will slowly return as people buy back into it in the New Year. Volumes will increase. And then it will return to it's previous high of of $1300-ish and even go beyond as many speculate.
4.) Speculation. And Altcurrencies. As well as Pump and Dumps.
This all affects Dogecoin and drives down it's worth and volume. The worth of Dogecoin is pegged to Bitcoin just like any altcoin is. And as more Dogecoin is produced using methods of quantative easing, the value of the currency will also go down. So then, how can it go up?
1.) Demand. Volumes of dogecoin must go up on the exchanges. Reddit and 4chan is doing a good thing by distributing the currency, and as it receives more mainstream media attention, it will entice others to pick up this awesome currency too. Demand will increase as it becomes more popular and widespread.
2.) Marketplace - If dogecoin can go the way of bitcoin in that it becomes widely accepted, then people can use Dogecoin to buy things. We are starting to see this now on Reddit as well as other places, which will increase demand for Dogecoin. The problem is that it will be competing against Bitcoin and Litecoin primarily.
3.) Competition and marketing - Dogecoin will be competing with the other altcurrencies, primarily Bitcoin and Litecoin, so why should people buy Dogecoin over Litecoin, or Dogecoin over Bitcoin? What does Doge have that those two don't? Or what makes it a better investment? Dogecoin should be more than just a memecoin that is a joke, which is now it, but how do we convey this idea to the populace on a greater scale where it can be more widely accepted? As it gains wider acceptance, the value of it will go up and we may even find it on popular exchanges such as BTC-e. If it were to be on BTC-e, I'm speculating that it would be at least $1 per Doge since everything there is at least $1. That would be a big milestone for us, and it goes back to demand and marketing for Dogecoin. It can't just be a meme coin. It has to be more than that.
4.) Confidence. As I've seen on this forum, people are asking "Why is Dogecoin going down in value." Pump and dumps, christmas, and the crash of Bitcoin have shaken the confidence of the coin, not of the core supporters and believers, but of investors. I have never mined one single Dogecoin. I went all in and now my investment has decreased by 3x. That really sucks for me, but luckily I can afford to lose that money. What about serious investors(such as China and those with Bitcoin) who may want to trade BTC and LTC for Dogecoin. There should also be feature to buy Dogecoin with USD instead of bitcoin. As it stands, Dogecoin has gone down. I think 200 BTC in volume has disappeared from the currency since yesterday. It seems more people are going back into BTC or Litecoin. People choosing BTC and LTC over Doge devalues the currency and lowers its value. This is why USD feature to buy and sell Dogecoin is important, so it isn't entirely pegged to LTC and BTC. Pegging Dogecoin to actual currency, such as USD, Euro, RMB would help to improve the value and worth of the currency, which could help to improve confidence as a serious investment. As it stands, Dogecoin seems like feathercoin except with a Dogeface, and I hate to say it. The reason is that there is much volume but it doesn't go up because people prefer other currencies over Dogecoin. People aren't confident in investing profits into the currency as much as they could be. So what is left is with an ever increasing volume and people are just trying to earn a profit by going into BTC rather than keep Dogecoin and trade in USD or Euros.
Dogecoin definately has a future, and it needs to have options to trade with fiat currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies. It needs to be accepted on respected exchanges such as BTC-e. Perhaps it would be a good idea for some of us Doge supporters to start up our own exchanges that trade Dogecoin in fiat and cryptocurrencies so it isn't one of many other cryptocurrencies pegged and at the mercy of BTC and LTC's many ups and downs. Confidence has to increase in the currency as well as trust, if it is to be seen as a serious investment. And it has to become more mainstream and more trusted as a currency than bitcoin, or at least as respected and trusted as LTC and BTC. It can't just be a joke and a memecoin.
I see a bright future with Dogecoin because of how much people like it, as a memecoin or not. It has a great logo, and already has captured the hearts and minds of people. So lets take it to the next level and make it into something really great, like maybe the google of cryptocurrencies. Reddit and 4chan made Bitcoin great and what it is today, and if that is the case, then we can replace bitcoin with Dogecoin and make it something even greater. I see the value of Dogecoin going up to at least 0.000003 BTC, or even 0.00002 or even 0.005. But for it to happen, it must stop being pegged entirely to BTC and have options to trade with other currencies and fiat as well.
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Total Network Hash

Vertcoin's "Total Network Hash" rate is at about 6.5 GH/s at the time of this writing. We double this 6.5 GH/s to indicate the comparative amount of mining hash that Scrypt v01, or non Adaptive N coins, generate per unit of Scrypt hardware hashing potential that is now mining Vertcoin.
So Vertcoin now attracts the amount of mining hardware that would produce about 13 GH/s Total Network Hashrate for some Scrypt v01 coin.
Litecoin is of course nearing 200 GH/s, Dogecoin is less than half of Litecoin's Total Network Hashrate at 85 GH/s and Vertcoin is at about 13 GH/s. Feathercoin is in fourth place with about 6.5 GH/s.
  1. Litecoin == 200 GH/s (varies significantly over the medium term.)
  2. Dogecoin == 85 GH/s (varies wildly over the short term)
  3. Vertcoin == 6.5GH/s (13 GH/s) (varies less than other coins)
  4. Feathercoin == 6.4 GH/s
For a relatively new introduction to the coin markets, Vertcoin performance is remarkable. We might have seen Vertcoin falter and fall into weakness, but we are not seeing that. We bottomed around 0.00135 bitcoin value, and now we are seeing a strong rally, a reversal, or series of rallies that retrace naturally to the short term 50% fib areas, and then another leg up ...
The question is of course, how much of the increase in value of these recent rallies, (from the recent bottom), can Vertcoin maintain going forward?
The newest Ace up Vertcoin's sleeve, Multivert mining pool, http://www.verters.com/multivert, where miners point Scrypt v01, (non adaptive N Factor), mining power at this new pool, the pool then mines the most profitable Scrypt v01 coins, sells them on the market for bitcoin, then purchases Vertcoin and pays miners in Vertcoin, this is probably one of the favorable and attractive new mining strategies, (to speculators as well as miners), accounting for some of the recent interest in Vertcoin in the markets, thus, the price increases.
The absolute beauty of this new mining strategy is that to combat this strategy, to mine the more profitable Vertcoin with a Multipool operation, to mine VTC directly, and then DUMP the Vert on the market for bitcoin, and then pay miners in bitcoin, can only be accomplished by having miners point their hashing power at that pool, using vertMINER software, thus, the distribution of the Adaptive N Factor mining software would be of magnitudes greater than it is now to accomplish that.
Vert coin miners understand that mining Vert, selling it for bitcoin, and then paying miners in bitcoin is not a step in the evolution of mining strategies. Perhaps the VTC for BTC exchange by individual miners, or farms, is tenable, but not a general MultiPool strategy.
Vertcoin literally has proven that it is not tenable for a Multipool mining strategy where Vertcoin proceeds would be sold for bitcoin, thus, Vertcoin has a very definable victory here in the mining strategy markets. Along with Vertcoin's ASIC resistance, and strategies up the sleeve for further enhancement of ASIC resistance, Vertcoin puts itself in the spotlight and truly sets an example for CryptoCurrency moving forward.
Vertcoin Multivert mining pool literally TURNS the TABLES on the mining strategy that has pounded so many alts with pool dumps mining the most profitable alt coins, selling market orders for bitcoin, and paying their alt coin mining miners ... in bitcoin.
Moolah and others involved in getting a USD/VTC pair, or exchange for fiat launched is another favorable factor for Vertcoin.
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Informative post about Feathercoin

Seeing how this Subreddit is lacking any sort of info on Feathercoins and the lack of community support we have, I have decided to start a post that would inform newbies about Feathercoin and seasoned vets on the best places to trade.
It is a Crypto Currency that was started by Peter Bushnell. It is a clone of Litecoin (This coin was inspired by Bitcoin). The Feathercoin network generates coins at a decreasing rate. It will generate about 336 million coins which is 16 times more than that of Bitcoin and 4 times more than that of Litecoin. Currently about 25 million coins have been generated.
Network hashrates, Pools, Solo mining:
Currently a mid end system comprising of 7870 or 7970 will get you abot 400 to 700 kh/s. That means that in a given day you will be mining about 7 to 13 Feathercoins on current difficulty level. However If you mine alone that is solo mining, the probability of you finding a block is hard and it may take a while before you make a coin. To counter this people have started making pools to increase the chances of finding blocks. There are many pools that allow you to have multiple workers so you can setup multiple systems and mine at your leisure. Currently some of the popular pools are:
For a full list of mining pools: http://coinpools.sdfg.org/ftc
It is highly recommended to join a pool to make mining profitable. Look at the pools posted above, look at their fee structure, their payout and make an informed decision on which pool to join.
Hardware and Mining:
Feathercoin utilizes scrypt based mining that is you can use your GPU (the Graphics card inside your system) to mine them. AMD Cards are highly recommended as they output higher hashrates as compared to Nvidia. To give you an idea of the difference a 7870 ghz edition mines at about 375 kh/s whereas a Nvidia 780ti would mine at about 224 to 300 kh/s. If you are seriously considering in investing in this venture it would be best to buy a rig that supports 6 GPU's and buy either the 7950 or the 280x as they have considerably higher hash rates and are affordable to say the least. Something one should be aware of is that mining produces a lot of heat as your system is basically running at full capacity and therefore needs a lot of cooling. People usually build rigs in the open (no case) and use household fans to cool them. Also another thing that is common is to use PCIe risers as they allow greater spacing between GPU cards and effectively help in dissipating heat. Mining uses a lot of electricity so it is best to use a schedule to mine or if electricity is cheap then 6 7950's running 24 hours a day would cost you about 12 to 18 dollars in electricity a month, maybe more depending on where you live. The software to use for mining are Cgminer (https://litecointalk.org/index.php?topic=6925.0), guiminer scrypt (http://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php?topic=961.0) and cudaminer for Nvidia cards. I would advise against Cpu mining as that is not profitable and will simply weigh you down. Invest 250 to 350 dollars in a good AMD GPU and you will be mining much more effectively.
There are many places where one can trade Feathercoins but only a few of them offer FTC/USD exchange. Btc-e (https://btc-e.com/exchange/ftc_btc). Is one of the biggest cryptocoin trading exchanges, it does not offer USD exchange for Feathercoins as of yet but allows you to exchange for Bitcoins. Crypto-trade (https://www.crypto-trade.com/trade/ftc_btc), this trading exchange allows you to trade against the USD making it more favourable to miners however there is currently a lack of volume for FTC as of writing. Other exchanges like Cryptsy, Bter and coins-e are all good but they are heavily dependent on Bitcoins and Litecoins for now.
My thoughts
Feathercoin is fairly new and its gaining momentum, once big exchanges start listing it against the USD, the venture will become more profitable. For now it is advisable to mine as many as you can and sit on them till value improves or if you have a mining rig that is mining at 22000 kh/s (this will get you about 500 feathercoins a day) then mine the shit out of them and trade them for Btc for profit although I would recommend against this as it it reduces the value of feathercoin. Many exchanges allow you to deposit money via international wire transfers however the minimum is 2000 dollars so keep that in mind before investing real money into this venture. There are alternatives like paypal and okpay that are also accepted but not a lot of people have accounts on those so signup for a website that suits your situation.
One last ting we all need to do is spread awareness about Feathercoin, It is a miners coin and the difficulty right now makes it so much more interesting to mine. I will update this page with more information and will answer questions if any to the best of my knowledge. Happy mining
My FTC wallet deposit thingy address : 6v1VuL41xGuLG1Bd8usJsuUEkZyac8jKbe
EDIT : I realized some of you might have NVIDIA GPU's and are hesitant on getting AMD. Never fear for there is a solution. If you have a motherboard that supports two or more GPU's that is you have more than one PCIe slots than follow these instructions:
If you intend to game on your system while you are mining then put the NVIDIA card in PCI slot one and buy an AMD card and put it in slot 2. Now install the drivers in the order Nvidia first reboot and then Amd second reboot. You do not need to plug in HDMI to your AMD card just leave it as it is. Now download gpu miner scrypt and select from the list your AMD card and start mining, its that easy. At night if you want to squeeze in more kh/s then run cudaminer and let it mine alongside your AMD. The best part about this is that you can be mining 24/7 on your AMD card and you will not experience any system slow down while gaming or watching movies. Remember to have atleast two workers workers created so you can mine parallel. If you already have an NVIDIA card then just install your AMD card and install AMD drivers and reboot and run guiminer scrypt. At times you might run into the issue of guiminer not starting, just delete it and re install it and it should work fine in 98% of the cases. This is for those who do not want to invest in a completely new system and would rather use their existing system. You can use cgminer as well but remember the order in cgminer starts from 0 not 1 so if NVIDIA is in slot 1 then it is -d0 -g0 and AMD will be -d1 -g1
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Online CryptoCurrency Calculator with multi-Cryptocurrencies Simple Bitcoin Converter How to get set up on Bitcoin Exchange in Meta Trader 4 ... Litecoin: Which Exchange To Use How to Sell Bitcoin & Withdraw on Blockchain.com 2020 ... Bittrex Exchange Guide: How To Deposit & Withdraw Bitcoin ...

Bitcoin to Feathercoin exchange rate ... USD 0.00009739. US Dollar 1 BTC = 10268 USD. EUR 0.0001136. Euro 1 BTC = 8806 EUR. GBP 0.0001239. British Pound 1 BTC = 8070 GBP. RUB 0.000001268. Russian Ruble 1 BTC = 788837 RUB. CAD 0.00007278. Canadian Dollar 1 BTC = 13740 CAD. AUD 0.00006890. Australian Dollar 1 BTC = 14513 AUD. CNY 0.00001430. Chinese Yuan 1 BTC = 69932 CNY. JPY 0.000000924 ... This Bitcoin and Feathercoin convertor is up to date with exchange rates from September 15, 2020. Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of Bitcoin. Use "Swap currencies" to make Feathercoin the default currency. Click on Feathercoins or Bitcoins to convert between that currency and all other currencies. Feathercoin price today is $0.00782668 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,511.05. FTC price is up 2.4% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 230 Million coins and a max supply of 336 Million coins. 1 FTC to USD (1 Feathercoin to US Dollar) Exchange Calculator Amount. Currency from . Currency To ... 1000.000 Fox Trading to Indian Rupee 1.000 Bitcoin to Pound Sterling 10.000 Dogecoin to Litecoin 1000000 HashCoin to US Dollar 5980.000 Turtlecoin ... Feathercoin is an upgraded and customized version of Bitcoin initially forked from Litecoin’s source code. Users have very easy access to two wallets (FeathercoinCore and Electrum) that work exactly like Bitcoin, but with faster block processing. In addition to these desktop wallets, Feathercoin is supported by various mobile wallets and blockexplorers.

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Online CryptoCurrency Calculator with multi-Cryptocurrencies Simple Bitcoin Converter

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