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BitOffer Institute: The method for making money without lose while Bitcoin futures explode

BitOffer Institute: The method for making money without lose while Bitcoin futures explode

In June 2019, the Exchange Bitsane closed down and refused to withdraw money, which involving more than 246,000 people.
In July 2019, Btron exchange closed down. Due to the rights defending from a large number of people, Btron returned most of its assets and was praised as “the integrity exchange, lifts the mud without staining it”.
When the Fubit exchange collapsed on May 28th, investors found the company’s address and arrived there with only an empty office left.
There are more cases similar to what was mention. Although many exchanges did not abscond with the money, many people might hear of the uneven quality of exchanges, such as there are frequent cases of behind-the-scenes manipulation as well. Many of the exchanges’ users have suffered huge losses from the influence of those behind them, in addition to concern about the risk of market conditions, their operation strategy, but also worry about the “murder” from the platform.
Still, many users are taking high risks in pursuit of high returns from high leverage. In terms of risk control, most people will set up self-damage, but this method only cures the symptoms and cannot recover the losses caused by the explosion. Nowadays, the digital currency derivatives market has been very well developed, and we can hedge the risks with various combinations of trades. What I want to share with you today is to use correctly with the option and futures to gain without lose under the market explosion.
About Bitcoin Option
What we take in this article is with the lower cost to buy a bitcoin option on the BitOffer exchange. To choose from the expecting direction up or down (call option and put option), you can earn as much as the bitcoin goes up or down in the futures. It has the same equity as the stock, but it costs less principal.
For example, now the Bitcoin price is $10,000:
  1. Open long 20X Bitcoin at $800;
  2. Meanwhile, buy 2 put options contracts on BitOffer
It is worth noting that the option and the futures should be reversed operation, the open-short plus call option, the open-long plus put option, to play a hedge, to ensure that the steady income.
After then, there will be 2 situations:
The first situation: When the Bitcoin price increases by $200 (+2%)
1.Open long 20X Bitcoin: Earning 40% in profits, $320.
2.Lose the premium that you use to buy put options contract: -$60.
3.The net profit will be $320-$60= $260
The second situation: When the Bitcoin price decreased by $200 (-2%)
  1. Open long 20X Bitcoin: Losing 40%, $320.
  2. The Put Options contracts You buy earn $400.
  3. The net profit will be $400-$320–$60=$20.
Through the above hedging operations, we found that no matter whether bitcoin goes up or down eventually, we can achieve a stable profit. It is worth noting that the above options specifically refer to the BTC options (American version) issued globally by BitOffer Exchange, which is characterized by zero margins, zero handling fee, and no explosion mechanism. If you choose traditional European options such as OKEX and JEX, then you cannot hedge and there is liquidity risk.
In addition to hedging the risk, this method can also for hedge stock. The biggest difference between option and stock is that the cost of buying a BTC with the spot is $10,000, while an option only needs $5. If the bitcoin rises to $15,000, the spot profit is $5,000 and the cost is $10,000. Meanwhile, a bitcoin option earns $5,000 with only $5 costs, which is 1,000 times from the cost. This is the unique charm of options, the limited risk with unlimited benefits.
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Something looks wrong here. Why is the mid price on BTC-e 17.5 USD lower than on Bitstamp?

The mid price of BTC-e and Bitstamp are 17.5 USD apart currently. This shouldn't happen.
Right now, someone can buy 168.00 BTC (for a total of 65,570.46 USD) on BTC-e, sell it Bitstamp, and earn a profit of 1,608.84 USD (2.4536% profit).
Why isn't anyone doing that?
This phenomenon isn't a short-lived arbitrage opportunity, it's been like this for at least since yesterday evening (GMT+2).
Does anyone know the reason for this?
EDIT: I should note: the problem is definitely with BTC-E, and not with Bitstamp. The other major exchanges (BTC China (CNY), Kraken (EUR), itBit, hitbtc, ANX) all agree with Bitstamp.
Judging from the symptom (lower market price on BTC-E), I would say either people are having trouble withdrawing bitcoins from BTC-E, or they don't expect to be able to in the near future.
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A collection of bitcointalk posts by Giancarlo Devasini

December 05, 2012
Illiquid markets, such as Bitcoin are easy prey to manipulation. The principle is to draw attention by buying a pretty big quantity (compared to the daily number being bought and sold) and once this attention is drawn, more and more people will start buying trying to jump on the bandwagon and trying not to miss the train. This is on a larger scale exactly what happened in the summer of 2011 when the price of a BTC went all the way up to 30 USD a piece. Such phenomenons normally end up with a massive selloff, (exactly what happened in the above mentioned example when the price went down to 3 usd, losing about 90% of its value) where a lot of late joiners got burned, lost lots of money and abandoned the game saying it's rigged, when the only thing that was rigged was their intelligence. Rallies and inevitable subsequent bubble bursts aren't good for bitcoin. The movement we experienced in the last 2 days (about 7% up) isn't good for bitcoin. What we should need and hope for is a slow movement up, of about say 1-2% each week, due to a growing number of bitcoin adopters and to the fact that this adopters demand SLIGHTLY outpaces the number of bitcoins being sold by miners and people that accept payments in bitcoin but then need to translate those into fiat money. Everything else should be seen as a danger for bitcoin and not cheered as most people do. Rally is bad, not good! We all need to understand that or we will keep being a bunch of goofy beginners easy prey of speculators
June 13, 2013
Oh yes? Any evidence you can show us about what you say or was it just a bunch of empty words? We were outed by whom? A resentful advisor that never understood the difference between being an employee and a shareholder and is lying thru his teeth? C'mon, let's move on.... You blame Bitfinex not to be responsible on a crappy mountain of false allegations. Would you define yourself responsible in doing that? It's your right to choose not to be our customer, just stop intentionally lying about us. Or could it be that, as you are running coinlenders.com you just want to throw some shit on your smarter competitors? Your business must be doing really poorly if you have enough time to waste on such childish techniques. Not very professional I must say....
Have a good life
November 13, 2013
Dear Oda.krell
I understand, having a unicorn as your avatar, you must be used to animals that actually crap jewels ( unicorns actually do that ). We at Bitfinex unfortunately haven't learnt how to do that yet. The only thing we know is how to transfer money every day to our Bitstamp account. We transfer big chunks of money and we do it every day. Due to the recent cost of Bitcoin it only takes 3k of volume to dry one million usd from our Bitstamp account, so normally in about one hour our Bistamp account is dry again. Then we have to wait another day for another wire to hit our Bitstamp account. Not much we can do about it, we still can't crap money, sorry about that. When the market goes up liquidity is low (that is everybody and his sister is fully invested in BTC) and this is the 238th time I explain this.
My advice to use limit orders wasn't polemical, a limit order is actually the only effective way to avoid slippage and the fact that you call me unprofessional because I gave you an advice doesn't change things. Use limit order or accept slippage, there is no other way out.
The Bitfinex dynamic is not easy to understand, I realize that. But to ask for supernatural things (such as to transfer money we don't physically have because our customers still have to wire it to us) it belongs to the world of unicorns, not to our world.
The only thing I understand is that some people on this forum actually think before writing something, while some others just complain and throw false accusations without even realizing how things actually works. For example blaming the fact that we don't have enough BTC on Bitstamp to justify your loss just shows a complete lack of understanding of the trading mechanisms. The quantity of BTC on Bitstamp have NOTHING TO DO with a short liquidation. 8fold is actually one of the few that understands things and is always on spot with his comments (kudos to him).
And by the way, I'm the only one having an italian name around here, only me not a bunch. And the fact that we are in Honk Kong where ANOTHER company closed down doesn't mean anything, does it? Or shall we say that any company located in Hong Kong or with at least an italian sounding named employee is doomed to go bankrupt? C'mon guys, give me a break!
Having said that I think I'll leave this thread to Raphael, which is far more patient than me in taking your shit. I'm probably too old for that, I have to admit.
Have a good day folks, I'm outta here.
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
November 29, 2013
http://www.digitalocean.com <------ based in New York - USA
http://www.hostgator.com/ <--------- based in Houston - USA
you really think having a BTC exchange hosted in the US is a good idea?
Please before replying to this email switch your brain on
March 08, 2014
Let me try to understand what you think it is a valid proof of evidence.... Writing that some non specified "third party" audited our numbers and found nothing wrong with them is something what will re-assure you about our honesty? Don't you think that a statement like this is actually as good as the person writing it? But if the person that writes it is worth your trust, what sense does it make to ask him to state something like this?
Maybe I'm trying to find a logic in something completely illogical (or I'm just really stupid) but I can't give a rational sense to a request like this.
Finally if you had unanswered emails from support on important topics please PM them to me and I'll take care of it.
Thank you and have a good day
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
March 09, 2014
I understand logic can be taken for arrogance by people that are adverse to being logical. My post asked a very simple question: What does a statement like the following add to being more trustworthy?
A third party (non specified) performed a check on our Bitcoins and found we actually have them. No additional details will be given.
My point was that in order to trust a statement like this you must trust the source of the above statement. But if you trust the source ( whose statement doesn't add any proof of evidence into the equation ) then to ask for such a statement doesn't make sense.
Call it arrogance, I call it logic.
Have a good day
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Place your bet on the table and I'll explain anything you want. Then I will take your 10 BTC and give them to people that will cheer up to your stupidity. You are a kid that doesn't even know what he's talking about. If you don't like Bitfinex why do you keep trading on it, you retarded prick? As we had nothing better to do than stealing candies from retarded kids like you, you don't even have 3 btc (2.5 to be exact) in your pocket.
Grow up and learn to take the blame of your own stupidity instead of insulting others.
Just get a life.
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Your bitcoins are on the way. I have a reasonable explanation and offer you the possibility of making 100 btc in case I will be proven wrong. But in case you are just a douchebag full of hot air I want you to pay 10 btc, so that your ass will burn for while ( unfortunately I have no time to come and beat the shit out of your retarded brains ).
From now on please stay away, you've got plenty of trading platforms to choose from, so don't waste our time anymore with your stupid childish theories.
See you next life.
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Quote from: Dalmar on June 22, 2014, 12:58:08 PM LOL, I didn't know exchange owners browse this mainly trollish speculation forum.
Can you get a willy bot like Karpeles already and take us to 10,000?
Currently working on it.... :-P
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
June 22, 2014
Transparency doesn't mean to spend time in justifying ourselves against allegations that don't make sense. MatTheTwat is blaming Bitfinex because his stop order wasn't executed at the price he selected. Now even a 5 years old retard knows that a stop loss order is executed at the best price available in that given time. It is not our fault if other ask orders were pulled when the price started to go up. This is normal as several bots are programmed in such a way, i.e. withdraw orders when the price spikes up. To blame this on the platform, accusing people to deliberately steal 30 usd is not only a symptom of douchebagness, but also of the fact that his IQ is smaller than his shoe size. I can trace the guys that had the ask orders placed and pulled them off when the price started to raise. They can come on this thread and witness that nothing is wrong with this particular case. But as I said nobody does nothing for free and I want the Twat to be exposed to his own stupidity. He has a good opportunity to make a lot of coins if he's right ( he's not). But kids like him never make facts follow their words, they are just a whisper in the wind.
Have a good day everybody, I'm off for a run
Giancarlo Bitfinex Team
January 11, 2015
Realcoin became Tether. You can find all the infos you need here: www.tether.to It's still in beta now, but it will soon launch. We as Bitfinex will adopt it and I believe a few other trading platforms will do the same ( Huobi, Okcoin etc.). Not sure about Bitstamp, but they probably will at the end if adoption goes well......
June 24, 2017
For investing purpose i hold BTC mainly. Just praying for bump :)
August 05, 2017
(Economy / Service Announcements / Re: [ANN] ChipMixer - mixing reinvented)
I cant find about fees on site. Can you pls give more information?
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[SFLY] OKCoin "glitch" drops the price of litebutt to pennies for few minutes, someone allegedly abuses it to get tons of normal butts – will OKC be the next Gox?

See the chart for yourself: https://bitcoinwisdom.com/markets/okcoin/ltccny at 2015-11-10 08:00 UTC, or see this image I blockchained from someone else: https://i.imgur.com/l2Z88x2.jpg
"Normal" price is in two digits, but it dropped to 1 CNY for a moment. Or even less, if this post is to be believed: https://np.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3s9uvd/okcoin_not_processing_withdrawals_litecoin_drops/
/litecoin discusses: https://np.reddit.com/litecoin/comments/3s96j6/look_okcoin_millions_of_litecoins_dumped/
Something bad happened. Confirmed reports someone bought at 1.5CNY, sold at 19CNY, bought BTC and withdrew then had their account locked.
OkCoin lost the entire orderbook for LTC, some 200Mil of LTC traded in <30minute bar. Liquidation occurred to 0.01CNY and now OkCoin is trying to reverse trades. They are in the process of altering their history right now with the charts miraculously reversed to 19CNY.
OKCoin is trying to assure bagholders that they'll fix everything and reimburse everyone... by posting an announcement on a subreddit for a different type of butt: https://np.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3sb0dx/regarding_okcoin_ltccny_price_error_resuming/
On November 10, 2015 from 16:15 to 16:17 local Beijing time, due to turbulence in the datacenter network, a hidden bug triggered the trading system, and a few off market transactions on LTC/CNY affected a small number of users.
To update, all affected user positions have been restored and we have resolved the bug. All users in LTC/CNY who were affected will be contacted during day on November 11, 2015.
I wonder if they manage to get out of it, since some speculate:
Someone sold millions LTC for about 100,000 BTC from OKCoin yesterday. Then withdrew the BTC before OKCoin could freeze their account. OKCoin is most likely insolvent.
Will OKCoin fold? We're in fact seeing symptoms of goxititis:
And when are you going to process my BTC and LTC withdrawals? I already tried to call the number and there is no response. Also no response on my emails??
But there are more symptoms: https://np.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3s9uvd/okcoin_not_processing_withdrawals_litecoin_drops/cwvhq8q
I'll add this to my list of OKCoin fuckery, the list for the uninitiated:
OKCoin LTC market has freak crash to 1.00cny (sure the woodchipper got some good sacrifices there) OKCoin margin calls nearly every trader, promises compensation, and then doesn't actually give any compensation. OKCoin scams users OKcoin freezes its own platform, then Margin calls its customers Mass exodus at OKCoin, something is brewing OKCoin futures settlement issue CZ's Statement Regarding the Dispute Between OKCoin and Roger Ver Truth Behind the Dispute Between Roger Ver and OKCoin. Email leaks confirm OKcoin asked Roger Ver to help engage in Money Laundering, Roger refused. OKCoin no longer managing Bitcoin.com due to contract conflict with domain owner A warning about okcoin "Largest" Bitcoin Exchange Caught Faking Trades
Of course, OKCoin being based in China, not Japan, and fucking things up in discrete, flashy events instead of continuously, may survive a bit longer than Gox. We'll see.
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Earn Bitcoin Today How to get 7 BTC Fast withdrawal ... How To Withdraw Bitcoins From BTC-e? - YouTube How To Withdraw Bitcoins From Mining City - YouTube How To Withdraw Bitcoin From Cryptotab Live Withdrawal ... Free Bitcoin Mining pool Legit 🌱🌱 ( withdrawal Blockchain ...

BTC largely unchanged in the last 24 hours post the halving with hash rate dipping slightly. With the halving behind us now, you've 1,458 days to talk about the next for those suffering from hype withdrawal symptoms. What's more interesting than the halving yesterday was Paul Tudor Jones admitting that he has 1-2% of his assets in bitcoin and ... r/BitcoinAll: All Bitcoin News. All Bitcoin discussion. All the time. BitcoinAll. I call this set of results or symptoms that occur in tandem ‘the China Syndrome’. We can expect more and more financial regulators to intervene ever more intrusively into Bitcoin markets globally, and we can expect to see a similar syndrome of effects every time. 3D2oetdNuZUqQHPJmcMDDHYoqkyNVsFk9r Bitcoin address with balance chart. wallet: Bitfinex-coldwallet: Received: 1,943,295.43 36 BTC (5659 ins). first: 2017-01-05 12:34 ... What is BTC? Bitcoin emerged in the scene in 2008 as a form of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is an alternative to regular currency and can be used to avoid paying fees and interest on transactions. Through the decentralized network, you can control your own fund’s movement. When you use bitcoin, you will have a distinct 16-digit code that allows purchasers to send you funds. This code is like an ...

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