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Once had hundreds of coins... cashed out / donated the rest so I could "take life seriously" and get a "real job". Now I'm broke, miserable, and well, screwed.

So I was an early adopter of Bitcoin, I spent MONTHS mining coins, mined just over 400 of them in the early days when CPU and GPU mining made sense, and well, the community was close-knit including IRC chats and the OTC market. I donated many coins to fountains, sent some to startup exchanges and even once tried creating my own exchange with a few friends that was going to, at the time, rival Mt.Gox (Called Bitme that later flopped).
After the first big crash of bitcoin, and my entry into the "job market" as I needed to start paying off the 100k in student loans I had, I decided to sell out whatever coins I had left (that I didn't get scammed out of on the OTC IRC channel). I remember losing 9 bitcoins to a scam when they were worth only $20 a piece and how awful it made me feel... I needed the money to pay my minimum loan payments, so I cashed out everything I had, all ~80 remaining coins except for 10...
Well I had a friend and with those 10 coins remaining, as a graduation gift, I gave him those 10 coins, the price now down to $10 each as I knew he was just getting started into bitcoin and he thought it was awesome I'd just give him 10 coins to get started. to me, it was a $100 gift that might be worth $200 or $500 some day, maybe $0. Bitcoin's future was uncertain.
Fast forward to today. The price hits $11,000 USD yesterday Every day since that day I sold all those coins and cashed out to pay my $1000/monthly minimum loan payments (All Interest) I die a little inside realizing I could have had just over $800,000 if only I hadn't sold them back then and given up. Every time I pay these loans, and realize that I'll continue paying for another 40 years (i'm 30 btw) I die a little inside. I watch over 3/4 of my paycheck each month go towards rent and student loans, whatever is left is for food. I don't have much of a life, for me, there is no "American Dream" of having a great job and starting a family, and owning a car, etc... yeah, I have a great job, but all the money I make goes to bills, I dont' see a dime of it.
I was told to "Give up" on bitcoin and "Take my life seriously or I'll end up broke and on the street unless I start working full time and putting away the "toys" called computers". Worst advice I've ever taken. I now feel that I only exist on this earth to pay down debt that may never be paid off, that is if I live to 70 years old.
I've tried getting back into bitcoin... I've tried mining, but it's no use... my hardware is too old... it's not a game for old dogs anymore and it's too expensive to buy back in.
this said, I figured this was worth a shot. I don't expect thousands, I don't expect hundreds, hell I don't even expect $1. but anything, even a small amount, even 0.00000001 BTC that goes towards these loans that are slowly killing me will help.
So if you've made it this far, I hope you can understand where i'm coming from. I figure, if everyone even gave up $0.50 cents of bitcoin, it might help me make a dent in these loans, and for once, I could actually live a life outside of work, eat, sleep just to pay loans.
My Bitcoin address is:
Again, anything is helpful. I'm not asking for much, just a penny here, penny there, I just hope maybe, enough people will help and I'll be able to pay off some of one of these loans... so please, if you feel kind, I promise to pay it forward some day, I always have and always do. Just please help me this once.
Since it was asked, here is the transaction info for the 10 coins I sent to my friend back in 2012.
Status: 124768 confirmations Date: 2/3/2012 02:56 To: 1EZC7Sxm8rLMSixjrERWy735ZSr37UZfe4 Debit: -10.05000000 BTC Net amount: -10.05000000 BTC Transaction ID: 6390223cad22ee1d6894aa22c4aee10f86ec5f68f2c49fa046ead699d020176e Transaction total size: 2959 bytes Output index: 1
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My horrible BitInstant/ZipZap/MoneyGram/7-Eleven experience

Here's my experience using BitInstant to get a VouchX code at 1:00am.
TL;DR: Undisclosed fees; lots of personal details; what should have taken 5 minutes took 45; apathetic 7-Eleven clerk couldn't take ownership of issues with his company's own shitty kiosk; BitInstant sends me the money in a form not quite as insecure as banknotes taped to a postcard.
It was a late Thursday night, dipping into early Friday. BitMe had a low bid price for BTC. With BitMe, I'd usually deposit at a Chase branch, but I expected the price to rise too much by the time I could make it to a branch and the BitMe guy could confirm my deposit. I anticipated a lot of people putting their Friday paychecks into Bitcoin, so I was in a rush to buy. For this reason, I decided to pay the premium of BitInstant.
The first disappointment with BitInstant was that in order to deposit at a MoneyGram terminal, I'd have to pay an additional $3.95 to another middleman called "ZipZap." The BitInstant site doesn't mention this extra fee on the main page, where the 3.99% commission amount is quoted. The earliest point in time that I could learn the amount of the $3.95 extra fee was after I filled in order information (including my name and date of birth) on BitInstant, was taken to ZipZap, filled in my phone number, selected a MoneyGram location, and then finally downloaded the payment slip.
ZipZap sent me an e-mail, but their mail servers weren't configured correctly, so I never got it. My e-mail server logs show:
Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: connect from[] Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from ...[]: 504 5.5.2 : ... Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname; from= ... to= proto=ESMTP helo= Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: disconnect from[] 
ZipZap's web page says something to the effect of "anonymous payment." Later, at the MoneyGram location, I had to provide my name, phone number, and mailing address. (The address was never needed by BitInstant or ZipZap.)
I chose 7-Eleven store #18256 at 924 E. Empire Ave., Spokane, WA 99207 as the MoneyGram location, because 7-Eleven was the only local chain of MoneyGram locations open at that hour. Their MoneyGram solution was a Vcom kiosk. These multifunction kiosks, in addition to providing ATM and check services also act as MoneyGram terminals.
The first irk in the process was that the machine asked me to call a certain phone number for MoneyGram customer service, and no courtesy phone was provided on the machine. The store clerk didn't have a phone for me to use either. I wasted $1.26 on a 7 minute phone call from my by-the-minute phone (with plans optimized for texting, not voice). In 7 minutes, my name, address, phone number, "receive code" (a unique code for ZipZap), and payment amount was taken; it could have taken me no longer than 2 minutes for me to carefully enter and double-check this information on the terminal itself. I understand there is a market for customer service that delivers warm fuzzies, but this wasted my time and money and subjected me to a guy not from my continent who was difficult to hear over the connection.
Now it was time to deposit the money. The machine instructed me to insert one bill at a time, so I did. I was paying $385 in 20 banknotes. The machine would accept one banknote, give a message "not enough cash inserted," wait about 15 seconds, then show me the balance of how much money remains to be inserted. Well, of course not enough money was inserted, I don't have a $385 banknote and you told me to insert one at a time! I counted later to find that the machine processes banknotes at a rate of once every 20 seconds, so I spent over six minutes hand-feeding money into this machine, in front of a bored clerk at a slow 7-Eleven. I felt really bad for that guy, since he had store work to do and pretty much had to babysit me to make sure I wasn't going to walk off with anything.
Finally, the last note! Okay, it's doing .. something, and ... "this transaction could not be completed at this time." [Paraphrased, but no specific reason was given.] The machine then took a couple minutes to return my money, this time in the form of 16 banknotes. At least all my money was accounted for, but what gives?
The clerk tried to convince me that the machine doesn't work, and suggested I try calling whoever I'm trying to pay at 8:00am, start of business. I explained to him that this payment is time sensitive, that's why I'm doing this in the middle of the night.
Finally, it dawned on me that I never gave my "account number," a unique identifying code for the ZipZap transaction, to the MoneyGram phone agent. But he did ask for my phone number twice! I must have misheard him. Drat. I let the clerk know what my mistake was, but he tried his hardest to convince me that the machine didn't work as intended and suggested I try another 7-Eleven that was about an hour and a half on foot for me. I declined and told him I'd use the payphone to reach MoneyGram this time.
Back from another 5-10 call, I come into the store to find a note taped over the machine's screen, "out of order." The clerk is at this point telling me with matter-of-fact authority in his voice that the machine won't do what I want, and that it's out of service for everything but ATM and MoneyGram transactions. (Even after I tried several times to explain, he wouldn't accept that I was in fact trying to do a MoneyGram transaction.) Even though I explained to him that this is a time-sensitive payment--that is why I'm up at 2:00 in the morning taking care of this business--and it will be a 45 minute walk home for nothing, he insists that I am not allowed to use the machine. He even explicitly told me that he has work to do and it's taken him too long keeping an eye on me. I plead with him and sympathize about how horribly slow these machines are, how it's not his fault, and finally get through to him to let me try one more time, the final persuasive argument being that the machine gave me my money in $100 notes this time, so it won't take so long. (I didn't let him know that only two notes were $100s, while the rest were in $20s and $1s, but it was still fewer notes.) He doesn't even have the courtesy to say "yes," "okay," "sure," or "just one more time;" he just peels off his because-I-can "out of order" sign off the machine and goes about his business without saying a word.
Seriously? What's the point of this fancy self-serve kiosk if I need to call some guy in the Indian subcontinent to set up the transaction? How many millions of dollars were poured into the design, implementation, and rollout of these good-for-nothing machines that take ages to accept your cash? And then to have some apathetic, underpaid store clerk tell me he's got better things to do than take responsibility for how slowly his company's proprietary, fancy e-commerce kiosks work? Remember, he intentionally mislead me earlier by telling me another 7-Eleven store has a similar machine that might work, and (as it turns out) flat-out lied in telling me the machine is simply out of order. Oh, and I'm paying $3.95 to ZipZap for this, most of which probably goes to the MoneyGram commission.
Wondering how many middle-men there were between my money and my Bitcoin, by the way? BitMe, AurumXchange (for VouchX), BitInstant, ZipZap, MoneyGram, CardTronics (current owners of the brilliant Vcom franchise of time-saving kiosks), and 7-Eleven. Holy wow, maybe $3.95 + 3.99% was a steal.
All said, I spent about 45 minutes in that store. For what should have been 5 minutes worth of business. Beyond the pale.
On the second attempt, my money went through, I got a receipt, and when I got home I got a neat code I could paste into BitMe to get some instant USD in there. But let's not forget the final blunder: BitInstant delivered a code worth $365 good-as-cash to me by regular, unencrypted e-mail. Stupid.
Now I'm fighting bidding bots on BitMe.
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