Bitcoin Price Run Could End Soon, But Fans Remain Bullish

What Is The ‘Why?’ of The Bitcoin Price-Spike?

brought to you by as-fast-as-i-can-type journalism:
“ . . . if a few hundred million Chinese decide that the time has come to use bitcoin as the capital-controls-bypassing currency of choice, and decide to invest even a tiny fraction of the $22 trillion in Chinese deposits in bitcoin (whose total market cap at last check was just over $3 billion), sit back and watch as we witness the second coming of the bitcoin bubble . . . ”

Perhaps the most important global economic indicator at this second is:

But let’s back up a little:

‘There’s mania in China right now. Stock market mania.’
That was December, 2014.

So, how is Shanghai doin’ today? eleven months later?
Look to the top right. Note that about 2.5% per annum increase is all that’s left of the manic rise. Find the ‘6-month chart.’ The drop began in June.

But the above is just background. What we want to know is:

what is the big economic picture in China today? It's not just bad, it's appalling; and the behaviour of the Shanghai Exchange is a great insight. If they can't prop it up, they can't prop anything up.

Note the lift in Shanghai’s index in the last couple of months. Recovery? Not a bit of it! The Chinese Government is ‘backstopping’ the market with print-as-required capital:

‘China’s heavy-handed interventions ha[ve] turned their stock markets into “a government bureaucracy.” ‘
“ . . . the government will act to [try to . . . ] keep the bull market intact . . . ”

And then (August) came:

“China devalues yuan for third straight day, adding to fears of currency war.”
So Chinese investors have seen the Government muff The 2009-Launched Quantum Leap to Domestic Demand (from decades of orientation to exporting). This involved The Property Boom that created the ‘ghost cities’ (which I was reading about a zillion years before the mainstream press knew of their existence):
The Property Boom involved the mushrooming of the ‘shadow banking’ industry, which now has gangrene half way up its thigh:
[Then came the stock-market boom we started with.]
Next is The Macau Thang: don’t confuse the fate of the casinos with my point. **Woven into the trips were opportunities to convert Yuan to other currencies.88 The crackdown is about that:
Then the miserable state of the Chinese economy began to be apparent even to the deaf and dumb of Wall Street:
Conclusion: the future of cryptos lies in global economic turmoil.
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